I've never seen a chili pepper flower this beautiful before :blobcatmelt:
Now I'm waiting for the peppers themselves!


So, in the first picture there are two plants born fro the @opensourcegardens seed. They look pretty much the same but, if you take a closer look, they are so different! In the second picture you can see some green horn-shaped peppers with white and purple flowers, while in the third you clearly see some round black peppers. What happened? That's so strange! @plants

News from my @opensourcegardens chili peppers plants. The horn-shaped ones started to ripen and right now they look pretty devilish :bloblewd: and damn, they're spicy! Now we're waiting for the round ones, to check all the differences between them! @plants

@GwenfarsGarden yup,
solanaceae looks all the same. We planted a bunch of aubergines a month ago and we discovered only last week that two of them were solanum nigrum :bloblewd: @opensourcegardens @plants

@GwenfarsGarden @absinthe @plants wow, this interesting! the black pepper in the third picture is how the plant/fruit usually looks like... whatever happened to the plant in the second picture, we are going to ask the breeder, let's see what he says

@opensourcegardens I'm sure these aren't cross-pollinated, at least by our plants, since we do not have any other chilli with blossom right now. Moreover the flowers themselves are different, before the pollination... I'll wait for your answer since I'm pretty curious myself! @GwenfarsGarden @plants

@absinthe @plants thank you so much for the update, they look really nice 😻

btw, we asked Michael Theurl, the initial breeder of #BlackHeart pepper, and he said this must be a rare exception of crossbreeding with another pointed pepper plant, which he is also breeding. However, he expects them to be less hot as the black heart chili - so we are looking forward to your updates and comparison : )

it also means that you have a unique plant. consider to save some seeds and start our own breed. and ... make it #OpenSource of course ^^

@opensourcegardens well, we still haven't tried the , but these are SO DAMN SPICY! We used a single chilli for two servings and it was barely bearable. If you have more suggestions about growing our own variety we will eagerly listen! @plants

@absinthe @plants we plan to run an online workshop on this on Tuesday, September 7 : )
More info to come soon

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