Time to cook some of the @opensourcegardens golden cherry tomatoes! Here we are our vegan golden spaghetti: golden cherry tomatoes, golden zucchinis, onions, toasted almonds, black salt, black pepper and some basil leaves.
Figer-licking good.

@absinthe @opensourcegardens Hello! That's a jolly nice crop! I have a question: do you keep some tomatoes (or peppers, or so) for seeds for next season? If so... Have you noticed any 'strength loss' (i.e. less or smaller fruits, smaller plants, higher vulnerability to plagues), specially in cherry tomatoes? I have 'stolen' and planted quite a few commercial varieties and it happens quite often... not always, though...

@bixardune Hi! Thank you :blobcatmelt: We've planted these golden cherry tomatoes for the first time this year so I can't tell anything about them, but we planted also some red cherry tomatoes seeds saved from our plants in two different places and they behaved very differently: the ones we sow in the very same place made smaller fruits, the ones in a different place grew big and juicy. So I think it was just a poor soil problem, but two tries are not that much!

@absinthe wow, looks so yummi!!!

thank you so much for the inspiration and the pictures! maybe we can reuse them CC?

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