Lovely Fediverse! Our garden is ending its summer production and right now we have some green tomatoes which won't turn red: do you have some trusty recipes for a green tomato jam? Not a chutney, just a jam or something similar. I don't think they could be that dangerous if eaten only in small doses!

Thank you :blobcatmelt:

@absinthe Check this out:

(I was concerned that mine weren't going to, but they've all of a sudden ripened on the vine in the last couple of days!)

@dajbelshaw thank you :blobcatmelt: but it's not a big deal if they won't turn red: we have already picked almost 70kg of them! We ate tomatoes all summer long and we have enough salsa for the winter, so green tomatoes at least are something different to try!

@dajbelshaw we had more than 60 plants, so almost 70kg is not that much! But this year stinkbugs have been awful and have damaged a lot of tomatoes. Even if we picked them many were pretty badly damaged.

@absinthe they may turn if you put them in a paper bag with a banana.

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