Dehydration time!
We've started harvesting the fruits of our chilli pepper plants: we have 8 different varieties and all of them have performed pretty well. It's a pity we don't know the names of 3 out of 8 varieties since we collected them either in the supermarket or in the wild. Right now the horn-shaped @opensourcegardens are the hottest ones together with the ones we found last year in a local ethnic shop.
It's a pity we forgot to weight them before the dehydration!


the results!
The @opensourcegardens chili peppers spent 48h at 45 degrees, the apples 20h at 50 degrees. We're gonna use the chillis both for a spicy oil and chilli flakes. The apples aren't the crispiest but are really savoury. Tastes like a success :blobcatmeltlove: @plants

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