I always see tons of wonderful pictures that I would love to boost but they don't have an image description.
Please, please, before uploading your images add a description, so we can all appreciate them :blobcatmeltlove:

@absinthe some have a link to a recipe site. Does that help you?

@eebie I think an image description is more personal than a simple external link: it's what you want to highlight of your picture and your way to describe stuff. Plus, it takes a little more time and effort, which are always appreciated!

@absinthe yes. the description can be added (in browser) by clicking 'edit' on the photo when it displays in the text window. it took me a while to work this out!

@delicasey retooting for awareness for those who still don't know :blobcatlove:

@Sibylle @absinthe you can do it in Tusky. It's the little A with a check mark in the bottom right corner.

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