It's the 13th of October and I'm still harvesting fresh tomatoes. What should I say, yaaaay for climate change? :blobfacepalm:
BTW, the golden ones are from @opensourcegardens seeds and they're still as amazing as the first day I collected them.

@absinthe ITS NUTS omg. some of mine are still on the vine greening and i'm just like. this is why i told yall dont doubt my sweet potato in massachusetts experiment

@hi_cial our plants are still flowering and I really admire their strength and willingness. Here in Italy we harvested our sweet potatoes last week, a first time for us too!

@absinthe oh my goodness you're in italy!! what part?

as a kid i visited milan and verona with my grandparents. also venice, where i first learned lemonade could be carbonated (and thus BETTER)

@absinthe Yellow tomatoes are amazing! They're the only ones that managed to survive our terrible spring and still ripen before winter!

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