Took a pretty long hike today, 17km. The seaside and the trails surrounding it are stunning without tourists around. Yeah, obviously I hate tourists. I've started even hating myself as a tourist, so I'm always trying to live places and not just to visit them.
Here we were really close to Cinque Terre: luckily these places are not that famous so you can still enjoy silence and nature.
And now I'm so tired.

@absinthe I loved the Cinque Terra and area around there. These photos remind me of how beautiful it is. I do hope to visit again some day. I can well imagine you must get sick of tourists though

@rienfoutre we started our hike in Moneglia and ended it in Bonassola. Framura was by far the most fascinating of this journey, but I would gladly see again the Cinque Terre too!

@dheadshot I can give some useful suggestions about visiting like a local and not like a tourist :blobcatpeek:

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