So overall, I trekked from one part of town to the other side looking for Moisturizer!

Yeah I spelt it wrong- moisturizer or moisturiser?

Tried to buy Olay night moisturiser but there was only 1 left in boots on sale. I forgot to pick it up when getting other stuff!

Ended up going to the other 2 boots stores in town which didn’t stock them/sold out and legged it to Superdrug which they didn’t have the night cream either!

Didn’t go to wilko which prob has them as they don’t wrap the packaging with clear film so you can’t tell if anyone has opened it previously!

Have to wait till more in stock. Still got 1 left!

Changed my moby plan to a £2 cheaper one with 2 more gigs than I previously had.

I just went to the shop in person to do it as not sure if I’ll mess things up if I did it thru the app or online!

Wound is much smaller today the nurse said. Don’t need to have it checked till nxt wk now!

It’s scabbing a bit so needs to scab more!

Don’t think will be getting new kitchen as can’t find a builder to do it!

Well can’t decide on random ones more like as haven’t got any recommendations!

Q - Is single mixer taps better or worse than 2 separate taps? 🤔

Supposed to be mid 20s weather nxt week!

Stumbled across tarot readings on YouTube!

Wonder do they just interpret the cards or have some kind of spirit guide?!

Dark series 2 is out!

Not watching it yet. Watching black spot!

I got a cold! 🤧

Had ginger and lemon fresh tea.

What else I can drink that’s easy and works?

Phoned dr and receptionist said she was about to phone me! 🙄

Bit higher this wk at 3.3 so will have to go for test nxt wk.

Might be cos I’m having greens every day, I’m not eating large amounts of it so maybe that’s what made it higher?

Or could be increase as I had 2 small glasses of prosecco at the weekend!?

Wish I knew for sure how to control the levels!

Need wash hair today as might go into town tomorrow to switch to a cheaper mobile plan!

Giving stupid drs 15 more mins to phone me before I phone them!

How hard can it be to check the pc throughout the day to get results and then phone me to tell me what dose to take?!

Watch when I phone, I bet they’ll say oh still no link and they’ll have to phone back again!

They managed to phone me on Tues to tell me nurse ain’t in this wk so why can’t they blimmin do that with the more important inr results?!

Dentist didn’t happen so have to go again nxt fri!

A woman came out after seeing the dentist and was at reception making another appt but she suddenly fainted and fell backwards hitting her head hard on the floor.

All the staff came out to help.

They got a dr from nxt door to come and help as the ambulance was gonna be there in 4 hrs 😳

I was the last patient to leave as dunno how long they’ll be with the injured woman. Had to be let out at the back as the woman was blocking the entrance.

Phoned drs.

Link hasn’t come down on their system with inr results. What a surprise!

Said they’ll phone back laters. Yeah right. I’ll have to phone them again after!

At least the stupid receptionist said they had training yest so no one answered after 5.30. I thought, it would have been nice to been told that yest morning!

🙄 phoned drs and they’re blimmin closed now for training!!

Dunno why they tell me this earlier or phone me with results!

I’ll just have to take the same dose laters and phone them tomoro!


Dentist phoned to remind me of tomoros appt!

They’ve never done this done before! They usually just send txts!

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