The last series of the sinner is out now on Netflix!

However, I don’t wanna watch it just yet!

Christ. The electric guy is here and he ain’t wearing a mask!

No point in asking him to wear one as he won’t even wear the shoe coverings we got out for him when I asked him to as he says his shoes are clean!

He’s gonna be here for up to 2 hrs! 🙄

Hopefully he had some jabs as he ain’t young!

Have to phone stupid drs tomorrow to see if I can talk to the nurse!

What’s betting they won’t let me talk to her like before!?

If the receptionists were any good, I could ask them to make appt for me to see the nurse but they’re shit as they prob don’t know nurse can see me first thing for an appt!

Have begun to do a crochet houndstooth vest top.

Prob won’t do much till working wk is over!

Ain’t done crochet for ages.

Got inr with the crap nurse tomorrow!

Bet she’ll waste 2 extra test strips as she can never put blood on the strips props!

I told her last time she should put the strip right up to my finger harder so blood is spread out more!

She still can’t work out how to make appts either. She even said the usual nurse is gonna be mad at her for calling her about making appts as the usual nurse then came into the room to show her how to do it! 🙄

Ugh, seems that new barber I went to - the female barber don’t work Saturdays!

I’ll have to have hair done by the young guy nxt time but have to explain everything again!

Not sure if that guy knows how to do scissors cut?? If he can only do clippers, will have to have it cut not so short to be on the safe side??!

I need new friends but where to find them?!

Hope there ain’t a local lockdown nxt wk till after I get a haircut on thurs!

I can use clippers round the ears but wary of doing the back!

Inr tomorrow. Bet they’ll tell me to go for bloods for it nxt wk 🙄

Gonna try asking if I can wait another wk for it to be done as I’ll have to make appt for it in first wk of Jan anyways!

Phoned vaccine ppl earlier for the billionth time! Spoke to a better person this time.

They’ve opted mum out of the appts temporarily but apparently they’ll just make appt when nxt years jabs are out!?

In the meantime, just hope they get a shift on with updating their records!

Going to a local barbers after Xmas to try as there’s a female barber who’s the owner.

It’s cheaper than my hairdresser as it’s £15 whereas hairdresser costs £35.20!

If I don’t like it, will go back to my usual hairdresser.

Did feel guilty when I cancelled the hairdresser appt in jan by email as they said see me nxt year! I thought hmm, might not see them at all!

and they gave 2 wrong email adds!

Had to google the add. Think I’ve got the right one now as it hasn’t bounced back when I sent email on Fri!

Still having major probs with vaccine ppl continuously making appts for mum to have vaccine jabs even tho I sent them evidence and phoned them to cancel all the appts!

God knows if they’re gonna update their records to show mum has had all 3 jabs now!

It’s like I have to phone them 2 or 3 times a month to cancel the appts and explain!

Bruv tells me to ignore the appts which I’ll prob have to do as I can’t keep phoning them every wk to cancel appts!!

Doing my head in!

Fed up. Vaccine centre keeps making appts for mum when she’s had 2 jabs abroad and a booster in oct this year!

They obviously ain’t updated their records!

And now to have to get lucky to phone them. They’re always busy and can’t even get into the queue!

Newbie at work and the bossy sec have been all doom and gloom today about covid!

Them getting stressed and worked up about it and inflicting it on me is making me stressed now!

I’ve got enuff probs with seeing if I can get meds before Xmas as I need to go to the gp to pick up the scripts which I can’t do if they’re closed when I go! and I’ll prob have to have inr bloods done the last wk of dec at hospital!

Well it’s now 10pm and no call from engineer.

Should have asked the woman when they’ll phone! Hopefully they phone tomorrow!? 😩

There’s a leak in the boiler somewhere!!

There’s water on the floor so have put a bowl in that area and there’s some water in it!

Can hear drips but don’t know where it’s coming from!

Have to wait for call back from the gas/electricity engineer. Should have asked the woman whether they’ll phone back today!

It must be that engineer who came last time didn’t fit the parts in correctly as there weren’t water before he came!

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