Bugger! Thought it was weds today so I took one extra tablet 😳

I’ll have to remember to take lower dose tomoro, thurs and fri and back up to one extra dose on sat and sun!

I had haircut today but it was only after I noticed one sideburn is longer than the other!

I ain’t confident about using a clipper to correct it so I texted my hairdresser to ask if he can do it!

He ain’t replied as of writing this.

I might go and try a local hairdresser one day as they’re cheaper and they may pay more attention as to getting things right!

Soured cream is yuk! Shouldn’t have bought it!

Yoghurt would have been better!

Ain’t used instant pot for ages and forgot to turn the seal to vent so steam came out when cooking which I thought was weird as it hasn’t happened before!

Have to wait longer now for food to be done.

Great I can’t find capital radio on my alarm clock radio!?

It was before!

I’m stuck with radio 1 now!

Was touch and go for a while.

Dad is breathing slightly better. Touch wood.

Waiting for ambulance to come for dad.

Coming up to 2 hrs now and no sign of them.

He’s got bad cough and wheezing. Prob bronchitis has come back and no prop meds for it.

They’re due to go back to hk this coming mon but looks like they’ll have to stay if the hospital keeps him in for obs.

Has anyone got an air fryer?

Are they good?

Damn it. I might have to buy another pressie for my friend but I can give her the gin set I bought on discount years ago and the electric nail buffer! Both of which I haven’t managed to get rid of yet! 😆

This Xmas is a really expensive one as I got to buy pressies for my bruvs gfs family so that’s at least 5 extra gifts!

I’ve got 3 more things to get I think and I should be done.

Well that was an anti climax finale of ru paul’s drag race uk!

The day unit at velindre has got a really shit appt system.

You have to hang around at the ward entrance till you catch a nurses eye to be booked in and then you can wait in the waiting room 🙄

I dread to think what the infusion is gonna be like nxt month! I’m guessing there might be a beeping noise when the drugs have finished or else there’ll be no one around to come and finish it for you! Can’t shout out when no one.

Does anyone know a person who just grates on you for no apparent reason and you can’t explain why?

I have to stick to my guns and not talk to her so much or she will stress me out again when she spouts rubbish/boring stuff!

Gonna be tipping down in about hrs time and I have to leg it out to the hospital for injection!

I got tomoro off and it seems to be tipping down tomoro pm as well so I prob won’t bother coming into town to do shopping but wait till nxt mon!

The amount of times ppl at work keep telling me ‘it’s cold out there’ every day 🙄🙄

Think I might try this new local hairdresser nxt month?

It’s much cheaper at £17 for a dry cut compared to £40 cut and blow dry which I’m having every 2 months at the mo!

As my hair is short, even if they mess it up, it won’t take long to grow I suppose!

His dark materials is quite entertaining!

Ugh that Harry styles new song is so irritating!

Even worse than the post malone one!

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