So the sequel to liar is gonna be on itv soon!

Cue ppl at work talking about it all the time!

I didn’t bother watching all of it as found it crap.

Inr back up to 2.9!

Can stop injecting now.

Well unless it drops under 2 again 😬

Too much water in the congee so it’s quite watery!

Never mind, it might thicken up overnight.

D-day tomorrow for inr.

If it’s still low, I’ll have to carry on self injecting! 😫

Gonna make some chicken congee in instant pot laters I think!

Prob stir fry noodles to bulk it up as well?

Is tiktok good?

Byte is out now from the vine creator.

Feeling really sorry for myself over this and 😭

Inr is low at 1.7 so I have to self inject!

I just done it but I nearly couldn’t do it as I kept looking at the needle and stalling!

I gotta inject for 5 days so thurs - sun I gotta inject once a day.

Praying to god inr will go back up by mon pm or else I’m gonna have to carry on injecting! There won’t be many spaces if this happens and I’m gonna see all the bruising from tomorrow onwards!

Woke up around 4 am.

I’m tired but can’t sleep cos of the time difference I think.

Stressing out over inr today and whether I’m able to have injection done tho it’s most likely to be in feb at gp. Gp and hospital are both rubbish!

Hospital hasn’t sent me letter about appt for tummy injection. Knew they wouldn’t as I bet they haven’t passed my msg onto the dr there!

I left another msg just now. I don’t think they’ll do anything to help so will prob have to make the appt at gp in feb and hope stupid hospital sends them the injections!

I should have told hospital dr for them to carry on doing the injections and not refer me to gp to have it done there! 🙄

Knackered. I put the bins out which they’ll chuck after 5pm so I can’t go to bed till they do that as have to take the food bin back inside!

I got work tomoro so gotta sort myself out as well.

Guy I recognised who sat in row in front of me on plane, just ran back and forth past me.

Seems he’s left luggage in cafe nero upstairs!!

Earlier this Chinese guy was dashing about as he forgot his bag? which has his passport and other stuff in it!

That guy went dashing up the lift too! I ain’t seen him come back down yet.

What is it with guys losing belongings?!

I’m holding onto mine. I’m holding out going to the loo till I get back which will be in another 4 1/2 hrs!!! 😬

Waiting 1 hr and 25 mins for bus to come!!

Next time I’ll get the first bus at 7 am.

It’s pretty cold in the station. About -2 outside!

Waiting to be called onto plane.

Bought Chinese New Year mug from Starbucks and when the guy asked if I wanted a box for it I thought why not.

Turns out box is fairly big!! I took mug out of the box and put it on top of trash can as it won’t fit into it for recycling!

Only just realised that mug is for coffee whereas I want to use it as a water bottle!

The actual water bottle they had was bit too big.

Leaving hk tomorrow!

I’m fairly stupid when it comes to navigating airports and this time will have to go with the flow seeing how security will be tighter as only passengers allowed into main front entrance.

Ideally I should have taken next weds off to rest but I’m landing on tues morning and going to work the nxt day!

Don’t want to waste another hol as I got 7 days left!

Back to making up time at work and accumulating as much as I can in advance in readiness for ongoing appts.

Bought 2 baker boy hats from sham shui po today for about £7.90 each. I like the baker boy hats here as they’re of diff designs from uk ones.

Didn’t go to any of the cheap street stalls (electronics, goldfish, craft/embroidery) as not really my thing and no time!

Using one of mums suitcases now as mine is too lopsided and it weren’t even that heavy - around 20kg!

I’ve still gotta stick a few more toiletries/ipad/clothes in suitcase which might take it over the baggage limit of 23kg.

Depends how much over 23kg the airline will allow or pay excess baggage fee! 🤔

Itd be gutting if they forced me to take out stuff from suitcase as if I did, would have to dump them at airport!

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