What’s so good about that Netflix show - the last dance?

I think tescos might have got rid of the hair clipper section as they put other stuff there in its place!

Gonna have another look on Tues as didn’t check where the soya milk cartons are as I saw they moved the milk elsewhere!

They put up expected hair clipper stock so why would they do that if they were getting rid of it!?

Really wanted to buy clippers to do my hair! 🙄

I don’t get why ppl don’t give foreign/kdramas a chance!

Started watching kdrama on Netflix called itaewon class.

Supposed to be really good!?

I was actually bawling after watching 2 eps as the poor male lead going through hardships!

Blimmin eck!

I woke up at 5.30 am for no apparent reason and can’t get back to bed yet! 🙄

Even yest, I woke up at 7.30!

Infusion cancelled next month.

Have to have it in nov now.

Now the faff of either asking the gp for more vit d tablets or waiting till July to ask the nurse to give me more when I have my next jab!

Think I’ll have to try writing a note and ask the nurse to give to gp!

Swept all leaves, pull out weeds, sprayed on bits and cleared leaves from drains. Did this few days ago.

Didn’t rip out some vines off the corner wall as wasn’t sure if there were any insects hiding even tho I was wearing gloves! Sprayed on it instead.

It’s windy out there today so haven’t been able to sweep the ground props.

Nxt to do is to take out all the dead plants in my 2 planters!

Nxt job is to do the weed ain’t the garden.

Some have grown into a small plant! 🙄

Really hate my garden. Only way to get rid of the weeds is to have new paving done.

and a few leaves have come thru the fence so I sprayed weed killer on those.

I’ll prob end up ripping them out if I can.

I went outside 5 minutes ago (darkish outside) with my 2 step ladder to go and cut off the branch of stupid next door neighbour’s small tree!!

My bestie says I have a legal right to cut branches on my side so I just went for it!

The branch had come over my fence on top of my washing line!

I cut as many branches/leaves as I could and finished off by spraying weed killer as best I could!

The weed killer is rubbish so doubt it’ll do much!

Asswipe neighbours have no consideration for others!

Was gonna try crocheting socks but I had to order a hook which won’t come till end of nxt month/early June!

Gonna do shawl in the meantime.

Gonna have to do henna soon.
Greys are showing!

Will also have to cut hair round the ears again. Hopefully won’t cut my finger on the scissors like last time!

Phew! Whiny jen didn’t win on race across the world!

It was close tho!

Gangs of London I need to watch as it’s by Gareth Evans who directed the raid films!

Whoop! Managed to preorder the animal crossing switch edition just now!

Supposed to come 11 - 15 may.

Hopefully it won’t come when I’m out to drs!

Knew it! I’ll have to inject myself for 5 days as it’s too low!

Stupid. My fault for not saying something last wk!

Kicking myself I didn’t say anything back to the dr last wk as he put me on low dose tablets last week! I thought can’t really disagree with him.

I think I’m gonna have to inject myself today 😳

Gonna find out for sure in 20 mins.

Well I didn’t see any star link satellites just a few mins go!

Think I saw one bright star which they say is Venus?

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