Bastard kids still playing footy outside whacked the ball on the door!

Lucky they didn’t kick it at my window as there’s a car out there in front thank god!

Wish those kids would just piss off! Excuse my French!

They can’t be asked to play footy elsewhere but always in the street opposite! My house is just in the wrong place - won’t be long before window is gonna be smashed at this rate!

One corgette plant looks dead as it’s crisped and shrivelled up?

I quickly went and watered the plants and the other ones!

Seems the netting mesh bag don’t let water through as when I watered through it, water didn’t go through! I thought it did!

It’s a faff taking the net off and on. I’ll have to get some copper tape to see if that makes the snails go away!

I’m getting well into MouseHunt game.

It’s a massive game and can go as fast or slow as you like.

Playing it on the app but still have to go on the browser to see and do things that can’t do on the app!

Ugh 2 courgettes young leaves have been eaten into by something! It was fine yest!

I’ll have to see if buying netting to go over the pots will be a deterrent?

Waiting on last person to give me money for colleague’s collection!

Really does my head in asking ppl for it as it makes it seem like I’m nagging them!

Ideally I wanna go with another sec to see which necklace is nice but she works from weds so either I’m gonna nag again for money tomorrow or wait till the nxt wk after!

I don’t reckon it’ll make a difference asking for money tomorrow or nxt as he won’t bother to give money at all!

2 ppl still haven’t given money to colleague’s leaving collection.

Really hate nagging ppl as the girlie did say for me to remind her but I can’t keep asking her every day even tho she’s just opposite me!

Such a faff!

There’s still nxt wk and 2 days for them to give me something 🙄

Great. The chemists left out one pack of meds on Fri!

I’ll have to go on mon to see if they’ll give me the missing pack but if they say I didn’t order it, I’m gonna have to wait another 3 days to get the meds! 🙄

I got enough for a few wks but still have to get them!

Drama at work as usual!

The accounts woman told me that the admin girlie went home today because her grandmother was crying and panicking but the admin girlie didn’t ask if she could leave!

She just went and told the accounts woman she’s gonna leave and do what she likes?!

The accounts woman said she told the boss and that he’s gonna give the admin girlie a warning tomorrow about her doing what she wants!

Off to the dentist!

I already know that dentist will say I got bleeding gums!

I should have changed to a new toothbrush but only did it a few days ago!

The previous one I got has lost all its charge!

Is anyone really interested in beckham getting hitched?! 😴😴😴

Stamped card I did today!

Could have been better as I should have embossed the letters so the ink wouldn’t run or filled in colour not too close to the outlines! Just used tippex on some bits 😂

Also should have stamped letters one by one but I just lined them all all up in one go as was too lazy so they ain’t as joined up but more spaced out.

Yay 4 day working wk!

Gotta go have infusion at hospital tomorrow which will be fun as gonna be stabbed at least twice in the hand by the nurses!

Amaroq is down? Don’t even seem to be in App Store!

I’m wondering if they’re doing the bill now and yet to update the damn account!

Prob is if they don’t update account. Im gonna have to manually find out how to take the smart meter reading manually which defeats the object of having smart meter! 🙄

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Well actually I ain’t gonna phone them as they’re even more clueless and itll take forever waiting in queue!

I do online chat as can talk to someone straightaway!

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Swalec still ain’t updated electricity account to say I’m on smart meter usage now!

It’s updated the readings to the ones I gave them so why can’t they blood update it!

I’m gonna have to phone them again!!

Really pissing me off!

It’s really blustery and rainy out there!

I might wait till I head out to work tomorrow to go and get some food stuff before going to office.

Don’t fancy going out in this weather!

Work colleague said she might get taxi to work tomorrow in case the storm starts then.

I said I could share cab with her and she asked for my add.

She ain’t contacted me about this so I’ll have to go and ask her tomorrow which is a faff as I dont want to be waiting in the house for her not to show up!

Now if only the soon to be trainee solicitor got booted as well!

That will never happen 😩

I dunno why my work bestie and boss like her!

One day hopefully more ppl will see what she’s really like!

The miserable weird temp has been booted!

Apparently it’s her last day tomorrow!

I didn’t know till another colleague told me!

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