Have to phone drs again tomoro as I didn’t bother on fri!

Bet nurse ain’t gonna be in this wk again!

My mini Xmas tree is dead I think as all of it has turned brownish!

Cactus is as well!

Had no idea maya hawke- robin off stranger things is ethan hawke and uma thurman’s daughter!

Nope can’t get into the boys and it’s only halfway through the first ep!

Bit hungry but I ain’t getting out of bed yet!

Parcel is gonna be delivered around lunchtime today!

Anyone else don’t give a stuff whether lady gaga and bradley cooper are together or not?


Haven’t started new mindhunter yet.

Wanna watch preacher first!

I should resume watching the boys as well!

Too much stuff to watch.

Not sure that I’ll get new Apple Watch when it comes out next month!

Apparently, they’ll be bringing out a thinner version with micro led nxt year!

Might get iPad instead now.

I bought some fabric resistant bands for doing exercises but wish I hadn’t got them as they don’t stretch out much to do arm exercises!

So have had to buy some stretchy latex bands now 🙄

Ill just have to use the fabric bands for leg and bottom half exercises.

I’ve thought of a really good txt to send to the retired sec which hopefully will make her stop txtng me!

I’m gonna tell her I’m cutting down on messaging ppl as I find it too much saying the same things to loads of diff ppl all the time!

I’ll still stick her on block!

I’m doing this as I’m thinking she will prob be invited to the works do at Xmas and if she is, she’s bound to ask me in person why I haven’t been replying to her!

I dunno why some ppl expect me to talk to them all the time when I don’t want to?!

I’ve just had to block the retired sec as she sent another msg saying she hadn’t heard from me!

She really don’t get that me not replying means I don’t want to talk to her anymore! It’s just too much expecting me to reply a few times a wk!

I find convo is really boring with her and not fun.

If I knew she was like this, I wouldn’t have replied so much in the beginning!

Phoned drs and receptionist goes to phone tomorrow as they’ll find out what’s going on???!!!

Bet you I phone tomorrow and they’ll say to phone on mon!

All I want is appt with nurse. Previously they made appts even if the nurse weren’t in!

God knows what’s happening. Nurse might be unreliable or wants to quit? She was off ill in June I saw!

Time for coffee once I finish my exercise!

I’ve put on more weight now so I tried putting on my work trousers to see whether they would fit or not.

It’s lucky the trousers aren’t that tight fitting and it’s only one that don’t fit!

Gotta do some ironing as clothes are piling up but I really can’t be asked to do it today!

Receptionist phoned.

Inr is 2.9 which is alright so been told to take the same dose as last wk.

I wanted to make appt for nxt wk in case nurse is back but receptionist said she didn’t have her computer on or something and I’d have to phone them tomoro!! 🙄

She could have gone to a pc that was on or told the other receptionist to make appt for her!

Can’t expect rubbish receptionists to be intelligent!

Why is it that every time I phone drs for inr results, they always say it’s only just gone in with the dr!?!

Last time I waited after 5 and they were closed for training so can’t risk doing that!

Looks like inr is gonna be high again as can see the cotton wool dressing after bloods done has got quite a bit of red blood on it and gone onto my skin! 😬 😩

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