Had lunch at the garden centre. Returned with 2x Scotch Bonnet, 3x Hinnonmaki Red Gooseberry bushes, some Rosemary, an Astrantia, a Sambucus and a huge Choisya. 😂 #PlantLife #Gardening

Strimmed all the grassy overgrowth back (and chucked it in a second pile ready for hot composting), planned and staked out an area for a new bed and garden swing, and put a couple of rows of carrot seeds in. Plug plants are arriving this week so it's going to be a busy one. Time to feed the worms before diving into a hot bath!

#Gardening #Vermicomposting


@andy hey andy. How’s you?

I been trying to do compost but it ain’t working as put in too much water before and now even tho it’s drier, it’s not breaking down into compost. Bit smelly too!

@applecandy Hey, I'm good. I've two big compost bins and a wormery. The one full bin just doesn't get hot, but it's been breaking down slowly for 9 months so will probably be ready next year.

I'm pretty new to hot composting but I believe it's all about being careful with the ratio of browns and greens. If yours is smelling, it's probably anaerobic and you'll need to turn it and get some air and browns into it.

Vermicomposting is really easy. But it depends if you like worms. 😆

@andy the compost I started was last winter. It ain’t breaking down So I’ll have to keep adding cardboard pieces!

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