Bugger! I started eating these chocs which are individually wrapped and I made myself stop as they’re really nice but they are mini sized!

Uh oh.

Bought some snacks today which is gonna fill suitcase up further!

Will have to decide nearer the time what stuff can leave at mums house and what to take back over!

Starting new crochet project - vest top!

It’s a light blue colour tho it looks grey in the pic.

Would have got this yest but seemed a bit heavy to carry on bus?

What are these called?

They aren’t prunes are they?

Just heard on the radio Heinz has got a new sauce out called .........

Really made me laff when they said how stupid it’s gonna sound when asking for the sauce over the table! 😂

Anyone wanna try this new social network app?

It’s called sunshine.social

It’s in beta form so is a work in progress.

The overall look and feel is very clean!

I need help!!

Have settled on having the kitchen sink in the middle and then there’s a window on left and right hand side of the sink.

Now I’ve been given the opinion that it would be weird looking if the sink is facing the wall!?

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