One day I’m gonna master how to make dumpling wrappers!

I put too much water in the flour and didn’t knead it long enough!

Dough was crumbly in the end and bit too sticky tho I did manage to roll it thicker.

Whether any filling comes out when cooking it is another matter!

Nail has come off now! Dunno where it’s gone tho 🤔

Dunno how flies manage to get into the kitchen nearly every day!

I don’t open the window wide!

Just had a buzzing fly come in. Think it’s gone now?

Had another look. Don’t think it’s coming off or anytime soon as it’s still attached to the bottom bit! 😬

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😩 my little end toenail is coming off!

It’s just hanging on the left side so hopefully that’ll come off quick!

Don’t really hurt but not sure if it’ll be ok when I put trainers on!

I must have knocked it or it’s just brittle nail.

Overrated tv shows which I don’t like:-

Good girls

This is us

Tho I’m more wary about strangers outside who walk close to me than ppl at work!

I try to dodge them when they walk close!

At the end of the day, my view is that no matter how careful you are, if you’re gonna get covid, you’re gonna get it!

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Ppl at work more paranoid than us with the medical probs!

One sec told me she’s using hand gel every time she starts someone else’s pile of work!

Then my colleague said when one of the other secs who was in yest brushed past her real close, she was pretty nervous about it even tho it was a few seconds!

I didn’t say anything - I thought that covid is higher risk when you’re standing close to someone for at least 10 mins and not when someone just walks past for a few secs!?

Nxt door neighbour’s door is open so they’ve come back!

Can’t snip of branch anyways as it’s sunny.

Bees come when the sun is out!

Just snipped some branches of nxt doors stupid tree.

Wanted to snip a longer one which has a flower on it but couldn’t as there’s a bee on the branch!

Might wait till it’s darker later and snip it off then.

Only wanna do it now as don’t think they’re around at the mo as their back door is closed!

They usually open it every day. God knows why they don’t get mice with door open wide!

Hmm been reading the info notes again and some things we have to do seem overkill.

Have to wash any food we buy from shops before putting in fridge?

Cleaning all handles, taps, kitchen stuff after touching them?

Am going back to work nxt wk for one day a wk - tues.

They sent us some info about new social distancing.

It’s gonna take getting use to as we have to go and collect tapes for typing/files from a trolley downstairs according to the order.

So I won’t be only working for my boss.

Hopefully they won’t put bulky files on there! Luckily I only need to carry them up one flight of steps and across outside to the annexe!

Have to be careful making appts too. My boss ain’t easy to talk to!

@andy @_ the boss bought us a see through loo seat at work that has ocean type print on it!

Not that nice looking and its a tiny bit small! 😆

Watching I-land on viki.

It’s a korean reality show where they find a new boyband but it’s the competitors who decides who leaves to go to another less equipped ‘house’ called the ground when they get eliminated after failing tests!

Those who are in the ground have to keep practicing dance/vocals as they’ll get a chance to go back to the main house called I-land if the main I-land competitors fail a test.

There’s only 12 places in the band currently and 23 competitors!

@kensanata I’m still grinding for money so can’t buy good food to take down to mines! tho the free food is relatively ok.

Need to go down past level 49 to get iron!

I like rummaging in house bins which is funny but I have been caught a few times! 😂

@kensanata there’s 120 levels for this first mine and now I’ve got to level 15!

Lucky there’s an elevator to go down but it’s every 5 levels you can go straight down to!

Currently playing Stardew Valley.

It’s a good game tho I’m rubbish at fighting down I’m in the mines!

There’s always fruit flies in kitchen! How they manage to get in food waste closed box beats me as they must really fly real quick in it!

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