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OK, so, on this account I *will* be posting about food and soft drinks, and boosting toots about food and soft drinks, mostly without CW.

It's a food-dedicated instance.

I will definitely not be offended if you need to mute or block this account as a result!

(I'll still CW for alcohol, and I won't boost my un-CW'd food toots from my alt accounts.)

Picked a bunch of medlars a week and a half ago. I think some of them will be ready to eat today! I've never had them before in their raw state, only in jelly.

First up: plum butter. Dehydrated apples. Sloe and juniper venison jerky.

Energy prices are going up soon, so I'm planning to spend a lot of the next week preserving and batch cooking.

Well, our gas and electric supplier just went bust.

covid, mental health, politics I guess 

I know not everyone can afford to be as cautious as I am. That is an issue with crapitalism, not with me being cautious. And my caution means I don't endanger others.

My ideal goals are still to get through this without getting Covid or giving it to anyone else. That is harder now than it was. For some it may be impossible; for me it is still plausible.

I am not anxious. I am cautious.

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covid, mental health, politics I guess 

They are testing vaccines for use in over-5s. Given how much schools here drive transmission, that could make a huge difference. There is more research and more pressure all the time about other interventions, such as ventilation. (And the nice thing about the other interventions is that they also reduce incidence of influenza and colds, hurrah). When we get this right, cases and deaths will fall.

We're not there yet.

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Personally? I am not declining various in-person activities because I am anxious.

I am declining them because they are risky activities and I am cautious about those risks. My risk budget is small to begin with as members of my household are clinically vulnerable, and I'm using almost all of it on voluntary work at the moment.

Sometimes that sucks. But this really won't last forever -- or, at least, it doesn't have to.

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If you are suffering from anxiety that is disproportionate or maladaptive for you in some way then of course you should have support with that.

And as the government has basically left us high and dry, we all have to navigate risk personally and that's super hard. You may well be doing things you're not comfortable with. You may well need to not think about it too much, for the sake of your own mental health.

But. Anxiety *can be* adaptive.

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covid, mental health, politics I guess 

Getting tired of seeing people's anxiety about a pandemic that isn't over yet framed as pathological.

It might be for some people! And there is no shame in that!

But being cautious at the moment doesn't mean someone is overly anxious, it just means we're cautious. In the UK cases and deaths are both still rising because of government policy to ignore scientific advice. We still know little about Long Covid.

*holds up sign* Don't say 'accessible' when you mean 'step-free'!

Mostly just stop calling things accessible like it's a binary thing, like there's one thing that makes something either accessible or not. Definitely stop calling things "fully accessible" as that's a literally meaningless phrase. Oh, no, I take it back: what that means is "you can't trust anything this person/entity is saying about access beause they know so little they think something can be "fully accessible."

Bank Holiday, which I wnat to spend a lot of at the allotment since I get help from my spouse.

Also batch cooking day, and I have a *bunch* of fruit to process.

And I have to be at the allotment tomorrow, to receive coffee grounds.

I think this means I'm... starting the blackberry wine, so I can freeze some of the other fruit. But *that* means finding a space where I can put the fermenting bucket.

Please send your finest Gillette YakShave Mech 5 Plus.

I saw some Chicken of the Woods on the way home earlier but I can't go get it because I have to wait for my GP to ring me. Argh etc.

Note to self: if you're planning on doing small batch preserving using the Instant Pot as a water bath, first make sure your jar will actually fit in the thing.

Now I am boiling a giant pot of water for one jar of beans. Not energy efficient, but I don't have more beans to pickle today!

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OK, it's time to sow some peas. I can't bend over lots of times very easily, so direct sowing requires some adaptation.

First I use the rake handle (a broom handle would do but the rake is easy for me) to poke holes in the planting surface. Then I get a hollow pipe. I put one end of the pipe in the hole, and drop a pea down it. Repeat for every hole, then rake them shut. No bending needed, but good placement is easy.

Peas like the wet so I'll be watering, first.

aminopyralid bioremediation, literal poo 

And these peas are ones I tried this year but mostly didn't like as much as the other peas I grew. I don't need to save the seed for next year, so using them as a test crop is perfect.

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aminopyralid bioremediation, literal poo 

I started this plan super late, which meant there wasn't time for a second sowing after the crows had their fun.

But maybe the sunlight has worked! Peas are very sensitive to aminopyralid so I'm going to direct sow those instead. (And remember to net them.) Once they're up, it should be pretty easy to tell whether there are any remaining contaminated patches.

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aminopyralid bioremediation, literal poo 

The first plan was to try growing oyster mushrooms on the manure. But the myceliae didn't colonise it, in the end. The manure very often has various Coprinus mushroom species already, so it was kindof a long shot.

The second plan was better: spread it out and plant sweetcorn (which is resistant) in it, then use the corn stalks to make biochar. I forgot to net the seedlings, and crows pulled up 95% of them.

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Got some more woodchips. Need to do a lot of this but also I am wearing a skirt and sandals, which isn't ideal for schlepping woodchips around. So now I'm getting dried peas off of dead plants, to sow as a test for aminopyralid in some manure that was contaminated when it arrived on site. It degrades in sunlight and soil microbes, so I am hoping it's nearly finished now.

I had two separate bioremediation plans, neither of which worked.

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