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OK, so, on this account I *will* be posting about food and soft drinks, and boosting toots about food and soft drinks, mostly without CW.

It's a food-dedicated instance.

I will definitely not be offended if you need to mute or block this account as a result!

(I'll still CW for alcohol, and I won't boost my un-CW'd food toots from my alt accounts.)

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Harvested potatoes and yacón this evening. The potatoes didn't do terribly well, the yacón had surprisingly high yield given that there were only two plants and their containers were really too small.

Between playing for church services today I foraged some Agaricus campestris from the park.

They were yummy.

Also some more smol puffballs, which I managed to lose somewhere.

Also found Shaggy Parasols; left them in situ as some people react badly to them.

No pictures this time!

The giant puffball was *lovely*: firm and white all the way through.

We (well, @Hairyears) cut it into half inch slices and fried it.

Now having a rest before setting up the dehydrator for the rest of the parasol mushrooms.

Decided the "brown field mushrooms" are actually Agaricus porphyrocephalus which is *probably* edible (some online sources are iffy as it's fairly rare, but Roger Phillips mushroom guide says yes and I trust it), but we aren't going to try it tonight because neither of us have had giant puffball before & two new-to-us mushrooms in one day is a baaaaaad idea.

I wonder if I could start a Slow TV channel that's basically me going for walks.

The puffball beside the rest of the mushroom haul.

Next step: cleaning, and double checking against field guides (I do this even when I'm pretty confident.)

437g of puffball.

It does feel a bit soft, so we may not get to eat that much of it, but it's still impressive.

So many parasol mushrooms! We stopped at one carrier bag full, but really could have gathered four times that many.

Also the biggest puffball I've ever found.

Also some field mushrooms, and a bunch of smol puffballs.

Chestnuts: disappointing, it's not a good year for them I guess.

Apples: we didn't get that far.

Feet: very damp, next time I will wear goretex.

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Planning on some foraging this weekend; I'm hoping there are still chestnuts left, but even if there aren't, I expect rosehips, haws, maybe some crabapples or sloes.

As the nights draw in I'm also thinking about sprouting seeds, which can be an incredibly cheap and nutritious source of fresh veg during the months when only kale grows outside. They taste nicer than kale, too (I am not a huge brassica fan).

I think I forgot to say, I harvested my "Gigantes" beans the other week, and podded them, and dried them further. Yield was 275g beans from *one plant* which is kindof amazing.

They were pretty slow to get going though, for a while there it looked like they might flower and flower and not set seed.

Next year I plan to have a Bean Cave with a few of those and some "Cosse Violette" which were also amazing (but I didn't weigh the yield).

Walked past a health food shop earlier and they were selling some kind of... nasturtium extract I think? Allegedly it helps boost immunity or something.

That's neither here nor there but it reminded me I was thinking about growing some nasturtiums indoors this winter as edible greens. They're one of the few cabbage relatives I can bear to eat.

Current status:
Trying to convince Spouse to purchase some land accessible by train so we can plant an orchard on it.

(Not serious.

Mostly not serious.)

Anyone in #Edinburgh want a 2 year old sourdough starter? I'm gonna need to leave that baby behind and I can't mail it to anyone or it'll die :(

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I miss my kitchen.

I get back home late Friday night.

Fresh tomatoes:

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