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OK, so, on this account I *will* be posting about food and soft drinks, and boosting toots about food and soft drinks, mostly without CW.

It's a food-dedicated instance.

I will definitely not be offended if you need to mute or block this account as a result!

(I'll still CW for alcohol, and I won't boost my un-CW'd food toots from my alt accounts.)

Did my first ever visible mending last night. It's a little wonky but I am still pleased.

First courgettes from the allotment today. Spouse dug up some horseradish for the vicar and her fiancé, and I picked osme chard for the soup kitchen (it's Soup Garden seed, we split it up in mid-March and I've set aside some of the allotment for Soup Garden stuff.)

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If you regularly make journeys that are so long you need to make them in a car, please consider not doing that.

My husband's asthma actually improved at the start of lockdown because there was so little traffic. Now, it's almost as bad as it has ever been.

And of course, the further you travel and the more people you see, the more you'll spread covid-19 if you are asymptomatic but infected.

Stay home if you can.

OK, I have a kilo of boring white cup mushrooms, what are my best preservation techniques that *don't* require refrigeration afterward?

Back garden leeks just coming into flower. The buds were tasty, so I picked some and layered them with sea salt in a small jar. My hope is that this will make a tasty condiment for later in the year, but if not, I'm out half a cup of salt.

Usually I do this with celery leaves, though Alexander's leaves also work and I've done fennel in the past, too.

I think I have enough mulberries in the freezer now to make jam, so I guess I'm doing that on Monday.

Garlic made scapes! I cut them off and we are having them for supper, which is very late tonight because we are Bad At Time.

I am an omnivore, so I do have the option of just... selecting a suitably large hunk of meat, and eating that.

But I also have moral scruples about factory farming, and properly free range meat is not cheap. Having other options is definitely good.

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Given my high dietary protein needs I am always looking out for recipes that are high in protein and not full of weird ingredients like whey protein powder or whatever. The "noodles" taste a bit eggy, but would probably work well with a stir fry in place of rice or real noodles.

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Grocery order sent me low-fat cream cheese instead of full fat. Sigh.

Anyway I decided to use it making egg "noodles": a dozen medium eggs, 250g cream cheese, a third of a cup of flour. Blend. Fry in butter in thin pancakes. Either eat the pancakes as-is, or roll them up and slice into strips.

These aren't a patch on proper pasta, to be perfectly honest. But they aren't terrible, either. I have very high dietary protein requirements, so they might be useful for me.

This week I am going to try scheduling my academic work around the best allotment weather.

That is, I'm heading there tomorrow morning when it isn't forecast to be raining instead of tomorrow afternoon when it is; and I won't plan to go at all on Thursday when it's meant to rain all day.

Favourite allotment sarnie is brie and grapes on sourdough.

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My favourite allotment drink right now:

1) make hibiscus tea in bottom of thermos
2) add a teaspoon or so of honey while it's still hot; give it a stir
3) remove teabag
4) fill to brim with frozen strawberries
5) top up with a bit of water if needed

By the time I get to the allotment, I have cooled hibiscus tea, and thawed strawberries.

A friend pointed out yesterday that Redbubble are selling masks now, so I'm busy enabling masks on all my products, and I'm uploading my fractals to include too :D

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

Taking oral electrolyte fizzy tablets at bedtime to ward off nocturnal leg cramps. Seems to be mostly working.

Just dropped tablet into my mug of milk instead of into my glass of water.

I rescued it with a spoon pretty fast, so, no terrible harm done, but... I don't think I recommend it.

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My garlic is just beginning to go yellow at the tips of leaves, should I start to hold off watering? Your site says harvest in July, but we had a very warm May here other than brief frost. No scapes yet.

I planted all the bulbs in the same bed, so can't easily try watering one half and not the other to see what happens!

(It's doing much better than the shallots in the same bed, which have got a bit slugged.)

...cooked some of it.

We now have a data point for "When is chicken of the woods too tough and woody to eat?"

It doesn't taste bad, exactly. But the texture is horrible: like a cross between overcooked chicken and stewed pencils.

Quite annoyed. We should have cooked some last night before all the cleaning, really.

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Made enough space in the refrigerator for most of it. We're both very tired, it's well after midnight, it's not a great time to try to process 3.6kg of fungus.

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Checked it over: very few bugs, we think because it's been quite windy lately.

Discarded some big bits that were too old and tough to bother with. Checked and trimmed the rest and there's still 3.6kg of it.

Mushroom posting at half midnight because this is my life now.

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Favourite chicken of the woods recipes, anyone? We have nearly 5kg of the stuff.

I am thinking sweet-and-sour since we also have a pineapple, but other ideas are welcome.

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