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OK, so, on this account I *will* be posting about food and soft drinks, and boosting toots about food and soft drinks, mostly without CW.

It's a food-dedicated instance.

I will definitely not be offended if you need to mute or block this account as a result!

(I'll still CW for alcohol, and I won't boost my un-CW'd food toots from my alt accounts.)

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On 22nd February, two of my pieces will be sung at Evensong at Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford. One is my Nunc dimittis, the other is my setting of 'Christ has no body now on earth but ours' by Teresa d'Avila.

Music list available to download from

Sheet music for my pieces is available free online, thanks to my generous patrons.

The other day I made an experimental spaghetti sauce with red lentils, dried mushrooms, passata, stock, and chicken livers. And some frozen chopped spinach, I think.

It's a little weird, if I'm honest. I think it would be better with beef and chicken livers, or using something different with the lentils. I need to do a grocery shop and was basically just rummaging in the freezer. Or it might be better with rice than with pasta.

Still fairly tasty though; and very, very filling.

Trying to work our measurements for dried chickpeas.

I think 3/4 cup (c. 180ml) of dried chickpeas would roughly equal a 400g tin of chickpeas. What do people think?

They are in the freezer for now, thinking about what they have done.

Last night I shopped while hungry -- always a mistake -- and bought three haggises. Three of them!

Housemate said great, we can have a leg each.

Last night's fennel and smoked salmon risotto was really really tasty.

Tired. About to make risotto in the Instant Pot. I feel like this could become a Standard Thing I Do When Tired.

I did devour several slices of toast.

Potato Pete was a WW2 cartoon character, designed to encourage people to eat potatoes (which could be homegrown) rather than bread (for which wheat was imported). He was very successful.

In 2017 the Potato Council re-issued 5 Potato Pete recipes, with a bit of a modern makeover, so I have made them available on my website:

Posting again for the weekend people!

New, free sheet music, composed by me, to 15th-century words:

There's a YouTube recording at that link, as well as a link to the .pdf of the sheet music.


Artwork is by that @welshpixie

Made egg pasta on a whim the other day and left the strands to dry.

I don't have a pasta machine so used a rolling pin.

I think my conclusion is that I need a heavier rolling pin, or a pasta machine, to do this well. Incredibly thick pasta that is all debts after thirty minutes of cooking! Not what I wanted. Glad I only made a small batch.

Are you notoriously bad at cleaning your kitchen, or doing dishes? But you love tea?

Then this one tip will change your life!

When you turn on the kettle, stay in the kitchen and do some dishes or clean the kitchen tops until it boils.

It'll work as a timer!

I have a stick blender already but it won't really do flax seeds, it's fine for puréeing soup or whatever though, and mostly copes (though not always) when I make smoothies with frozen fruit and veg. So, I don't really want another blender unless there's a wider use case.

I don't drink coffee and if Himself wants to grind coffee beans he can get his own grinder, I will completely not cope with coffee contaminated anything.

How easy to clean are coffee grinders? Can they make e.g. nut butter?

I like crackers made with ground flax seed -- they're easy to make, tasty, and others in my household also like them -- but it's expensive to buy pre-ground compared to whole flax seeds, and doesn't keep well.

I don't believe I currently own any device that can grind flax seeds, though, unless I go find some flat rocks to use, and that's a nope.

Suggestions? Do I want a coffee grinder, or some kind of powerful blender? (cont'd)

Was feeling very "not sure what I can be bothered to cook tonight" and then realised it is Date Night tonight and Himself and I are going to the lovely local Italian place.

I think this means I am winning.

Hi all, I thought I'd join Kith Kitchen as I do like talking about growing, cooking and eating food, and thought it would be nice to follow other people interested in this and learn new recipes and ideas from you all.

Due to having a chronic illness, I'm a very slow gardener/cook, and I'm always looking for ways to grow/cook that uses less /energy!

My other/main Masto account is @GwenfarsGarden. This is my foodie account :)

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