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OK, so, on this account I *will* be posting about food and soft drinks, and boosting toots about food and soft drinks, mostly without CW.

It's a food-dedicated instance.

I will definitely not be offended if you need to mute or block this account as a result!

(I'll still CW for alcohol, and I won't boost my un-CW'd food toots from my alt accounts.)

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The flowers are pretty purple; the pods are dark purple which makes them easy to spot. They turn green when cooked which is disappointing, but also convenient: I have a visual cue for when they're done. They are delicious.

Only one plant survived the snails, grrr. But it *keeps making more beans* and is still flowering.

Earlier in the year I was thinking "meh, I don't actually care for French beans that much, next year I'll grow more peas instead" but the purple climbing French bean 'Cosse Violette' is fantastic and I will grow more of it next year for sure!


4) Super Marmande. Not as sweet as Ildi; not as flavourful as Chocolate Cherry or the one we don't know. Good size and texture for slicing, skin not too tough, but basically just an average tomato. Maybe still worth growing for volume, disease resistance etc. 6/10.


Have been using Focusmate for worky things. It's super helpful but also for some reason eats computer memory as a pre-breakfast appetiser on my computer; so I've started using my phone instead, which has the additional benefit that I can't fiddle about with my phone while working.

But this *also* means I am thinking more seriously about using it to help with household stuff like decluttering or cleaning.

Just ate a melon so good I set up an account to review it on the grocery website

Today is tasty

I swear our refrigerator spontaneously produces half jars of salsa or pesto when we aren't paying attention. Sometimes there are multiples of each and everyone in the house promises they didn't start one recently.

Also jars of chutney with one spoonful left.

Tomatoes, cont'd:

3) Tomato from seed labelled 'Gartenperle' which very obviously isn't a hanging cherry variety at all. It looks *really silly* in a hanging basket, and the one on the shelf by the house has had to be lashed to the clothesline. Medium-size bright red tomato with some ribs. Core a bit tough. Lovely flavour, firm flesh, would make an excellent slicer. 7/10: lost a half point because we dunno what it is or whether it will breed true.

Tomatoes that have ripened enough to eat at least one, and my scores for them:
1) Ildi. Smol, yellow, pear-shaped. Loads and loads of fruit. Sweet, but a bit insipid, lacks depth. Skin a bit tough. 6/10 maybe. Might make yellow passata with some of these.
2) Chocolate Cherry. Somewhere between a big marble and a golf ball in size; not as dark in colour as I had been led to expect but definitely brown-ish. Tall plant. Lovely deep rich flavour, thin skin, not too acidic. Want more! 8.5/10.


The damson jam seems to go particularly well with the sourdough, yay.

(One of the jars didn't seal properly so we have to eat it up first, oh noes etc)

Starting to get the hang of sourdough. I think the banneton and using a cast-iron griddle as a baking stone both help a lot. I can't take a picture of the yummy smell!

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Oh, so *now* I am wishing I had arranged to go to Worldcon...

(Not happening. My passport needs renewing and there's nobody to water plants if I go.)

More than double, even.

As I don't waste the foam and have never yet burned a pan of jam I suspect this is what they call "money for old rope".

Hmm. Supermarket has something called "preserving sugar" which is larger crystals and allegedly means less foam. But it's nearly double the price of the ordinary kind!

(I don't mean jam sugar, which has added pectin to help with setting, esp of low-pectin fruits like strawberries. That's something else.)

If you skim the foam off your jam/jelly, don't throw it out! it's delicious stirred through yoghurt or similar.

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