Is there any list of absurdly productive food plants? Like if you only have x amount of space or can only by y number of plants, what do you grow to produce the largest raw mass of food possible

So zucchini is the prototypical example, right. And I know of a few others, like tabasco peppers for example

Tell me in the replies, what plants do you know of that make gardeners say "help, I have more x than I know how to deal with, can anyone come take some home?"


@socalledunitedstates My magentaspreen was very prolific this year but I don't actually like it much which is unfortunate.

Tall climbing beans are pretty productive (much more so than peas) but need the space to support them; ditto vine tomatoes.

I have found some of the heavier-bearing strawberries don't taste so good.

A lot of perennial fruit trees will bear heavily once established, but require significant initial investment of time.

In v small space I'd go for leaves & pea shoots.

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@socalledunitedstates Chard, for example, is pretty much indestructible, pretty tasty, and just keeps making leaves.

But then -- things like root chervil or wasabi root take longer to grow and are "lower yield" but *also* grow in places I can't really grow tomatoes (i.e. full shade). And snails ate the entirety of my purslane, as far as I can tell.

I suspect that which plants provide a glut depends very much on local conditions.

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