Hey cooking pals, do you have cooking goals this year?

I would like to learn to make a good chicken korma.

I'd like to use more foraged and home-grown ingredients.

I'd like to organise the freezer, and figure out how to keep an inventory so I don't keep buying more things that I actually already have but they're buried under frozen peas or whatever.

And I want to start hosting spaghetti nights again.

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@artsyhonker I need to learn how to make some Indian dishes.

@artsyhonker I'm planning an "eat the pantry" no-grocery shopping month. Or maybe season.

There are a few cookbooks on my shelf I need to either use or release back to the wild.

@mcmoots Good shout, my pantry is ridiculous at the moment.

@artsyhonker I was thinking it might be fun as a shared challenge on here. I wouldn't start until late January most likely - not sure if National Pie Day to nettle harvest is the right period or if I just want to do February.

@mcmoots It might! Even if it's just one or two meals/week for some of us, a challenge could be good. (I will be doing further PhD-related travel at some stage which complicates things somewhat.)

@artsyhonker Our goals are to reduce the use of processed foods and go fresh as much as possible and to cook more and eat out less.

@artsyhonker I'd like to get back to cooking more than a couple of times a week, and try at least two new recipes a month. And maybe learn to cook from frozen rather than buying some stuff intending to cook it that week, then running out of spoons and some of it goes bad then I forget I have the rest, but we don't have much freezer space so that's tricky.

@artsyhonker Making Indonesian food from as scratch as possible. I'm sick of relying on packets for the taste of my culture. Also gonna learn to use this instant pot...

@artsyhonker My cooking goals for the year:

— Actually get a balcony garden going instead of continuing to be depressed wreck; the lack of gardening is making me more depressed

— Use up more of my older pantry items! I have actually been doing a lot of this the past month

— Help my partner get more comfortable in the kitchen, and help myself become more comfortable handing over control

@artsyhonker shop at the local grocery (instead of the supermarket) more often

Meal prep more than once a month

And I realise I might need to join this pantry-clearing endeavour...

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