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OK, it's time to sow some peas. I can't bend over lots of times very easily, so direct sowing requires some adaptation.

First I use the rake handle (a broom handle would do but the rake is easy for me) to poke holes in the planting surface. Then I get a hollow pipe. I put one end of the pipe in the hole, and drop a pea down it. Repeat for every hole, then rake them shut. No bending needed, but good placement is easy.

Peas like the wet so I'll be watering, first.

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gardening accessibility tip 

@artsyhonker it's already peas season where you live? When will they start sprouting? We have to wait until November here!

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@absinthe Not really. These ones are a cover crop to test whether some herbicide-contaminated manure is still contaminated, or the chemical has broken down. However *if* we have a mild autumn I could also sow some early-variety peas. A lot of them are pretty cold hardy.

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