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Getting tired of seeing people's anxiety about a pandemic that isn't over yet framed as pathological.

It might be for some people! And there is no shame in that!

But being cautious at the moment doesn't mean someone is overly anxious, it just means we're cautious. In the UK cases and deaths are both still rising because of government policy to ignore scientific advice. We still know little about Long Covid.

covid, mental health, politics I guess 

If you are suffering from anxiety that is disproportionate or maladaptive for you in some way then of course you should have support with that.

And as the government has basically left us high and dry, we all have to navigate risk personally and that's super hard. You may well be doing things you're not comfortable with. You may well need to not think about it too much, for the sake of your own mental health.

But. Anxiety *can be* adaptive.


covid, mental health, politics I guess 

Personally? I am not declining various in-person activities because I am anxious.

I am declining them because they are risky activities and I am cautious about those risks. My risk budget is small to begin with as members of my household are clinically vulnerable, and I'm using almost all of it on voluntary work at the moment.

Sometimes that sucks. But this really won't last forever -- or, at least, it doesn't have to.

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covid, mental health, politics I guess 

They are testing vaccines for use in over-5s. Given how much schools here drive transmission, that could make a huge difference. There is more research and more pressure all the time about other interventions, such as ventilation. (And the nice thing about the other interventions is that they also reduce incidence of influenza and colds, hurrah). When we get this right, cases and deaths will fall.

We're not there yet.

covid, mental health, politics I guess 

I know not everyone can afford to be as cautious as I am. That is an issue with crapitalism, not with me being cautious. And my caution means I don't endanger others.

My ideal goals are still to get through this without getting Covid or giving it to anyone else. That is harder now than it was. For some it may be impossible; for me it is still plausible.

I am not anxious. I am cautious.

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