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The coffee grounds arrived a little earlier this week, which was nice. Next job is getting soaked woodchips onto them. And there's a load of hardwood woodchips that have arrived today, so I'll be adding as many of those as I can to our pathways etc.

One of the Charentais melons managed to wedge itself between the trellis and the greenhouse wall, and it ripened and split.

It was too messy to transport home but too much of it was still good to waste, so I ate it, then rinsed my shirt under the tap because so much sticky.

Feeling good about my life choices, as I often do when I eat things I've grown.

Today: making plum clafoutis, then off to the allotment to receive another couple of barrowloads of coffee grounds.

Holy shit. OpenInsulin successfully formulated a non-proprietary version of insulin and they are ready to scale production! 👀

...we get a monthly subscription meat box from a company that does sustainable farming, which means every once in a while I end up cooking All The Meats.

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I've made chicken stock and separated the chicken meat off various bits of chicken we had in the refrigerator. That will all go in the risotto, I want to make enough to freeze at least half as well as eating some tonight.

Meatballs tomorrow night.

I've currently got chicken gizzards in the pressure cooker, to eat on Wednesday. And I need to make chicken liver pâté, too, since we have a bag of chicken livers.

Feeling a bit meated-out...

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Tomorrow... not sure, but there are some cucumbers that need using up, and some more on the vines that will be ready soon, so I think something with cucumber. Mealplan says meatballs, so more garlic. Today is my batch cooking day, it's going slowly because I'm tired.

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We continue on our streak of something homegrown or foraged every day since 21st June. Tonight, it will be garlic (homegrown) and dried mushrooms (foraged) in a risotto.

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We had the first Charentais melon from the greenhouse last night. I should've left it on the vine a little longer, I think it was a touch underripe, but... very satisfying, and I've definitely had worse fruit than that from supermarkets.

So, as I'm planning to work on this on... Friday, probably:

What would you want to put in your own personal almanac? What kind of thing does Future You need to know at particular times of year?

And what would you keep in a Common-Place book? Useful knowledge, poetry, quotes from books, notes on memorable converations or meetings?

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New notebook arriving tomorrow but I will be out All Day because of other stuff and I am annoyed. I want to start my project!

The project is a sort of... cross between an almanac and a common-place book. I'm going to start with a two-page spread (or *maybe* four pages, with the middle leaf folded in half as a "gate") for each month. The left page will have the list of days for the month, and notes on things relevant to that time of year.

plant crimes 

OK plant Mastodon: I have a bunch of (commercial) blight-resistant F1 tomato seeds, and I'm planning on dehybridising them (this will take several years), then breeding them with other (heirloom, copyright-free) seeds.

How illegal is this? My jurisdiction is the UK.

I'm pretty sure I can't sell them on (which is otherwise complicated here), or sell the produce. But for my own use, how does this work?

food, prepping I guess 

Don't get me wrong, an allotment isn't enough to keep 3 adults fed, we aren't anywhere self-sufficient overall. But there is more to food than caloric sufficiency, and the variety, micronutrients and sheer pleasure that come from growing some of our own food are hard to beat.

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food, ukpol, climate 

But... one of the nice things about growing and preserving some of my own is that I also expect to have some variety in our diet even if the food supply in shops gets really iffy. If we can only get hold of cheap bread (and for some reason can't buy more flour to make our own), plum jam will be an awfully nice thing to put on it.

These same considerations hold for worries about short to medium term disruption to food supplies due to climate catastrophe.

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food, ukpol 

Over on birbsite I see people talking about Brexit and food shortages. So far, I haven't noticed this much, if at all, in our grocery deliveries; but a lot of the perishable imported veg we aren't purchasing anyway. I'm not going to buy lettuce when I have more of it at the allotment than we can eat and I'm giving some of it away to neighbours and the soup kitchen, I mean really.

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alcohol mention (home brewing), food (as usual) 

And I've already finished a batch of elderflower wine, and started a batch of plum wine. Those plus the garlic (I'll pickle some of it) might help extend the streak into winter, despite the slightly low expected allotment output this year.

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alcohol mention, food (as usual) 

My household has managed to eat or drink something homegrown or foraged every day since 21st June. Sometimes it isn't much, but always something. Tonight we had takeaway, and homemade blackberry wine.

I'm interested to see how long we can keep up our streak. It's been a weird year, in horticultural terms.

But we do have loads and loads of homegrown garlic.

Looking into a custom bike frame, because the e-assist cargo bikes that are out there already have too many things I don't want to compromise on.

Turns out the frame builders also run coffee delivery for some local shops and need to dispose of coffee grounds. So I've volunteered to take them for the allotment. Really pleased about this!

It was sortof between stir fry and sweet and sour. And it was very tasty!

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