The most interesting part of this to me is that Mozilla is very clearly *not* promoting this. The blog post was not shared on the official Twitter accounts for Firefox and Mozilla, and there's no mainstream news coverage yet (outside of my article now).

Mozilla usually has PR people that send their announcements to news organizations (I get emails from them occasionally), I guess they didn't do it for this post. The Firefox subreddit only noticed it this morning.

Mozilla :firefox: and Meta/Facebook are working together on a new proposal for tracking advertising campaigns. Huge surprise that Mozilla would work with Meta/Facebook after criticizing them for years (mostly over ads).

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What's everyone's favorite tomato varieties? Looking to add one or two new ones to the rotation this year

Pea sticks is not an idea I had considered, will totally be doing that! We were thinking of using the thicker branches for walkway borders as well

Wondering if anyone has any ideas for using tree branches in landscaping? We have plenty of hugel mounds but I'm looking to diversify a bit. Lost a ton of trees to wind yesterday and want to see if I can cleanup while still benefiting wildlife.

Found a bunch of mushrooms in the yard today. Wine caps on the left (verified with a spore print), chicken of the woods, and a puffball. Going to make some sort of lasagna with the puff ball tonight. Will post pics later.

Been a little behind on posting here. A couple weeks ago I took a class on flax processing at the Low Tech Institute. A ton of work to process this stuff by hand. Really helps you appreciate how "cheap" linen really is

Whipped up some dill pickles tonight. Anyone got a favorite pickle recipe?

Mildly interesting: this tomato plant grew some leaves upside down?

Fun little experiment tonight. King Oyster mushrooms, shredded and seasoned. Baked for 20 minutes and ended up with a nice BBQ pulled pork substitute.

job posting 

The company I work at is hiring a mid level software engineer. Wonderful place to work in the climate change space. We help communities prepare for the effects of climate change. Check it out:

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

Probably my last time trying to cook this Malai Kofta recipe from my Curry 101 book. Most of the recipes in this book are excellent but this one never seems to work out. Whenever I go to fry the koftas they get a nice golden brown crust then immediately turn to goo

These little strawberry seedlings are already putting out runners

We haven't been getting much rain in the past year and our soil is poor (mostly sand). Have to get creative on 2 fronts. Watering less and upping our water storage. Today we worked on the part where we water less. Did my first ever hay cutting to mulch our plants in hopes of getting the soil to hold some more water in combination with some compost we got from a friend. Hoping to repeat this for a few years and get some decent soil built up.

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