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Just got an email offering an interview with their CEO for my podcast. They are a grainola company or some crap. Who in their right mind would let an Anarchist interview their CEO...

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King Harald had conquered the known world—at least all the bits worth conquering—but he was still worried that history would forget him. He summoned his advisor.

“I know that you have powers,” said the king. “Make it so that all the world knows my name, that it strikes fear into the heart of every man and woman.”

“It is done, Sire,” replied the advisor.

King Harald Bluetooth smiled.


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So, in the first picture there are two plants born fro the @opensourcegardens seed. They look pretty much the same but, if you take a closer look, they are so different! In the second picture you can see some green horn-shaped peppers with white and purple flowers, while in the third you clearly see some round black peppers. What happened? That's so strange! @plants

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