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since there is both a "git push" and a "force push", I recommend continuing the theme and adding

- git lightning
- git choke
- git deflect
- git ghost
- git jump

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Ich freu mich total, dass mein kleiner #Ratgeber "Dann haben die halt meine #Daten. Na und?" aktuell als Buchprämie bei der @digitalcourage für Neumitglieder zu haben ist. ❤️ #NaUndDasBuch #Datenschutz #HappyAuthor #Autorenleben #writerslife #indieauthor

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the year is 2022. All of your browser tabs are little geometric rainbow icons. You have no idea what website you are on.

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@selfsame the year is 2022. everyone you talk to on all 15 of your chat apps is using the default placeholder avatar, the first letter of their name in a randomly coloured circle. you have no idea who anyone is
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For the past year I've been doing independent software research, funded by an Open Tech Fund grant. This summer the Trump administration de-funded the OTF, cutting off my income.

I've been living off my savings since then, and while I'm looking for alternative funding sources, applying and getting that money will take time and so in the meantime, if you can, please support my work via GitHub sponsors: github.com/sponsors/spacekooki, or Liberapay: liberapay.com/spacekookie/.

Thanks! Boosts appreciated.

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youtube-dl was taken down by RIAA via DMCA. You know, the one that was archived here:
and is still live here:
with hash e0ece0221b389c8054cb86661d8f9fb7408d8f4dbc17cc413715dd61ad825133 just in case you wanted to check it for malware

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This cheese wedding cake makes me want to get married...

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In general, if you have any specific questions about:

1) Cooking, including breadmaking, yogurt and cheesemaking, and fermentation
2) Gardening, especially urban and guerrilla, as well as composting, vermiculture, soil remediation, and apiculture
3) Workplace organization and unionization
4) Emacs or Elisp
5) Protesting or Direct Action

I am probably happy to help answer them!

Please, always feel free to ask. Not just one question, I'll be your tutor in any or all these topics.

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