I tried rice milk and I dislike it. Much too watery.

Say, kitchen (and adjacent foodiverse): if I wanted to buy a blender that is powerful enough to blend nut butters, but not spend an arm and a leg for it - what features or specs should I look for?

I have a mini food processor/immersion blender in my kitchen, but sometimes I feel like I'm demanding too much of the poor thing.

It's hot af and suddenly I crave foods I'm usually not fond of, e.g. frozen yogurt and ice tea.

Also I made my first veggie broth from scratch and it turned out delicious. I'd like to try tossing in a few mushrooms next time just to maybe add a bit more umami, but apart from that, it turned out lovely.

I had this tofu stir-fry (minus onions and broccoli) today and it was so satisfying.


Found out over the past few weeks: Soaked and pureed cashews make an excellent replacement for cream in a lot of soups, and they make my vegan "cheese" sauce even more delicious.

It's not that I object to cream, but whenever I buy some, I end up using half of the jar and the other half goes bad.

I detailed the idea here: kith.kitchen/@draco/1014835991

idk, I might upload it to Github/some other code sharing website at some point?

So today I finished work on the first version of my menu plan generator. I think there's a lot that could still be improved/made more flexible, and it could be internationalized, but... it's good enough for my purposes. And it produces nice output now.

(That generator was originally an idea of my wife, and then I took it over and refactored it.)

I made sunflower seed butter a week ago or so. A bit of work, but sooo tasty, and in the end, the recipe is simple:

1. Roast sunflower seeds in a pan. Oven roasting would probably work as well. I took 100 g, but that's a very small batch.

2. Dump them into a blender with a tiny pinch of salt. Blend away until a smooth paste forms.

3. Fill into a clean jar, store outside of the fridge.

Apparently, the village grocery store stopped carrying whole grain wheat flour. They still carry quinoa and chia and other hipster stuff (which I gladly eat as well), but no whole grain wheat flour? C'mon, you've got to be kidding me.

Current state of mind: Tossing together a few ingredients for BBQ sauce was nearly too much for my frazzled brain. Glad dinner will be potato wedges and veggie "chicken" nuggets.

I made this cashew-based, miso flavoured breadspread the other day. Turned out great, will make again: darebee.com/recipes/miso-sprea

That feel when your timing was off and you can't bake it yourself and let Significant Other do it, but then you're anxious that they will forget or leave it in too long because they're overworked and sleep-deprived and thus forgetful.

It turned out just right and very tasty.

Note to self: Spouse knows her way around the kitchen, you *can* entrust her with stuff.

Baked rye and wheat sourdough bread yesterday night. It turned out soooo good. Two or three slices just with salt and butter are a wonderful breakfast.

Baked rye and wheat sourdough bread yesterday night. It turned out soooo good. Two or three slices just with salt and butter are a wonderful breakfast.

OK, I ended up trying a version of Eggplant Parmesan, and it went straight from "never tried before" to "make me again".

Good morning! According to our meal plan, today is "try a new recipe" day. Since the wife is on boarding school dity all weekend and gets food at work, I basically have complete freedom in the kitchen.

I have no clue what to make. Just now, I am perusing my usual recipe sources. I will want something filling, no expensive ingredients, and since tomorrow's recipe already features lentils, I think I will want something without them for a change.

The pizza was delicious, though. And the pizza stone I gifted the wife with a few years ago was totally worth the investment. It elevates our pizza game by several levels.

Me at the store: "Uh, I feel like having pizza today, but that frozen pizza is kinda expensive for the mediocre taste. Pre-made pizza dough? Nah, I can whip some together fresh, from scratch, in no time."

Me at home: "This is why I don't get around to anything, but a femme's gotta eat!"

I tried vegan sukiyaki inspired by this recipe yesterday.


My alterations:
* There was some tempeh in the fridge that needed to be used up, so I used that instead of tofu. I fried the tempeh.
* I didn't have sake, so I used water instead for the sauce.
* I used olive oil for frying.

All in all, it's a make me again, although the sauce is probably tastier with sake.

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