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I'm splitting my cooking content over to this account so I don't need to CW all my food posts :)

I like to bake bread, cook big batches of things that I can freeze leftovers of, and eat all sorts of delicious things 😁 I am known for my frequent avotoast posts.

Here's a sample of some things I've cooked up lately!

Unfortunately there won't be any trick or treaters to interrupt the movies but I shall survive

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!!!! tomorrow is HALLOWEEN that means PIZZA and Mel Brooks movies

Them's the rules

Add pasta water and truffle sauce. Drain and add pasta, cook until heated through. Season to taste with a squeeze of lemon, salt and pepper.

Serve and enjoy! 2/2

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time! Orecchiette with fennel sausage and broccolini.

- 170g orecchiette
- 1 bunch broccolini
- 3 mild Italian sausage
- 1/2 6.4oz can truffle sauce
- slice lemon
- EVOO, salt, pepper

Set salted water on to boil and heat saucepan on high. Cook pasta as directed. Meanwhile, cut broccolini and sausage into bite-sized pieces, discarding the sausage casing. Cook sausage in EVOO on high; add broccolini when sausage is browned, halfway through. 1/2

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Made carbonara tonight and tried out @plragde's trick of adding shaoxing wine. Added a sort of depth, I think I'm a fan!

A weird thing to me is all this home kombucha does not appear to be coming from tea fans. Every single recipe I've come upon has suggested using bagged tea o_O Very surprising that more recipes don't specify looseleaf.

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I suspect the issue was wrong pH at the start. I didn't have a lot of kombucha left over from the first brew and so I think the dose wasn't enough. This means it wouldn't have been protected.

The good news is that I now have pH test strips, so I can ensure my pH is always below 3.5!

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Sighhhhhh my one and only SCOBY got contaminated with mold. I think my starting pH was too high. I'm going to have to grow another SCOBY from scratch 😔

This one took sooo long, well, at least I've learned my lesson

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Another good discovery: you can simply buy a bottle of yuzu juice and mix it with sparkling water and simple syrup to make lemonade WHENEVER YOU WANT

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Good Asian grocery store discoveries: frozen scallion pancake, cooked in under 10m!

Now also on the list: hibiscus!

My first batch has been bottled but it's pretty cold here (69.8F apparently, which is 21C exactly), after 3 days there was barely any carbonation built up so I'm going to let it go a lil longer.

I got two new half gallon jars so my next batch can be much bigger!!

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Sipping on a cup of licorice tea with honey before bed and wow this blend is really outstanding. The price tag makes me wince but I picked some up at teafest PDX last year and it just might be worth it...

Funny enough, the honey I'm using I *also* got at an event in PDX (the crafts fair I think?), and it's a dark and robust chittum honey. Good for digestion, I hear.

Do you have a favourite kombucha flavour? Now that I'm making it myself at home, I'm looking for ideas!

Here's what I have on my list so far:
- ginger, cayenne and lime
- lychee
- passionfruit
- pineapple
- yuzu

I also have a variety of teas I can brew it with. My first batch was a medium oolong. This next one is a strong Assam. I have all the teas available for brewing!

Spinach, caramelized onion, and aged gouda quiches.

Ngl, feeling hella schadenfreude at a bunch of Brits messing up chocolate babka

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