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I'm splitting my cooking content over to this account so I don't need to CW all my food posts :)

I like to bake bread, cook big batches of things that I can freeze leftovers of, and eat all sorts of delicious things 😁 I am known for my frequent avotoast posts.

Here's a sample of some things I've cooked up lately!

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Some pretty things I've made recently: homemade Caesar salad (with homemade croutons!), white bean bruschetta, more salsa.

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Was really craving lamb gyros but that's not exactly something you can get during shutdown so I present to you: 100% from scratch including the pita home gyros 🥙

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The amazing four-course meal for a friend's birthday dinner! Flammkuchen, arugula and fig salad, cream of chanterelle soup, and a BLAT with a beer-battered buffalo "chicken" cutlet. All vegetarian!

Cavatelli and spinach with a bit of lemon sauce, EVOO and pecorino romano

@mindspillage how is your jam so GOOD. Between your plum jam and my raspberry jam I am losing my mind

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**PS: I have many besties, imagine if this was you 😘

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It's my bestie's BIRTHDAY WEEK so I baked scones and made lil sammiches and we had an absolutely over the top birthday tea

Confession: I love the taste of clam chowder but I don't know how anyone can stand eating clams. They're like chewing on a rubber band

Today I put SMOKED paprika in the box mac n cheese. Take that

Asparagus and potato salad with a soft-boiled egg, DIVINE cream of mushroom soup, baguette.

Oversteeped my tea but at least I have some Bread Success after a long hiatus

I did however have a little bit of leftover pastry and filling and a tiny cast iron skillet ...

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Love the color so much, did my first batch of kimchi months ago with just regular pepper flakes, really looking forward to tasting this batch

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