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I'm splitting my cooking content over to this account so I don't need to CW all my food posts :)

I like to bake bread, cook big batches of things that I can freeze leftovers of, and eat all sorts of delicious things 😁 I am known for my frequent avotoast posts.

Here's a sample of some things I've cooked up lately!

I followed by weight with a half recipe. My dough was wetter than the photo so I added a heaping tablespoon of flour.

The dough was so sticky I couldn't scoop it. I ended up having to dump it on my greased bench and handle it with my bench scraper!

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broke: TIFU my quarantine brunch by forgetting to buy English muffins
bespoke: making your own because you're a sucker for high-hydration breads

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I forgot to pick some up on my grocery shop so today I tried my hand at making English muffins for the first time 😱

Me: "Oh cool, it's a Mushroom!"
Mushroom: "Let's Bailout Landlords!"
Me: "Yuck, it's a Shittake Mushroom."

Tangerine and lemon zest kombucha came out really really fizzy and tasty. After 2 days in the fridge for 3f, top blew off when opened, worth it however!

Pre-bread dough (I threw in a little rye this week, we'll see if it's a disaster)

First home baked bread since the lockdown. Hungarian potato Pogácsa with gouda baked in. I've been cooking and reading a lot more these days. A lot of self-reflection. Contemplating the kind of world I want for myself and my loved ones.

Every day I eat leftover mapo tofu for lunch, and every day I am deeply satisfied.

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I broke down and ordered takeout before all the restaurants go out of business 😭

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