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I'm splitting my cooking content over to this account so I don't need to CW all my food posts :)

I like to bake bread, cook big batches of things that I can freeze leftovers of, and eat all sorts of delicious things 😁 I am known for my frequent avotoast posts.

Here's a sample of some things I've cooked up lately!

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Some pretty things I've made recently: homemade Caesar salad (with homemade croutons!), white bean bruschetta, more salsa.

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Was really craving lamb gyros but that's not exactly something you can get during shutdown so I present to you: 100% from scratch including the pita home gyros πŸ₯™

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The amazing four-course meal for a friend's birthday dinner! Flammkuchen, arugula and fig salad, cream of chanterelle soup, and a BLAT with a beer-battered buffalo "chicken" cutlet. All vegetarian!

"Where did you learn all this"

- watched the cooking channel too much as a small child
- in the before times, I always tried to sit at the chef's counter so I could watch the kitchen staff and pick up new techniques
- desire to eat out less = upped game at home

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To solve this, you need to properly toss the salad. I usually use a big (no, bigger. Really) stainless steel bowl. Often takeout containers aren't large enough!!

Mix until every single piece of greens is thoroughly and evenly coated. And voila! Restaurant quality salad!

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Of course, salads don't come pre-dressed because again, dressing contains salt, and salt will wilt the salad. If there's anything crispy (croutons), it will also make those soggy.

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DISTRIBUTION: when you pour dressing out of a little container, especially thicker ones, it ends up in globs. You get a bunch of pieces with too much dressing and a bunch with none. Various bits all sink to the bottom and aren't evenly distributed.

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Takeout salad doesn't come with any salt mixed in because it will wilt leaves and make them limp.

Thus, I always give salad at least a couple salt grinds before tossing it (+ pepper as applicable).

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SEASONING: in their raw form, vegetables taste bitter. The reason veggies taste so good at a restaurant is salt (and possibly a lot of butter).

Salt blocks the bitter receptors on your tongue! πŸ˜‹

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Okay here we go (replies unlisted). You have likely committed one of two salad sins:
1. Didn't season it
2. Messed up the distribution

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Would anyone like a short thread on "why your takeout salad tastes like ass but it was so good at the restaurant" ?

Happy to turn all your alcoholic beverages into salad dressing

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"Oh yeah I was cleaning out the pantry and found 4oz of fancy vinegar I made" u wot

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I just transferred some of the sherry vinegar I made from a mason jar to a bottle and realized after the fact how... something that sounds

froggy cake 🐸 / final form 

holy shit i am DONE!!!

i’m not 100% happy with how this turned out but i am also being really hard on myself. this is the first time i have ever decorated a cake like this !!! and only my second time piping lol. so i guess all of that considered, it’s not bad….

i did learn a lot, and if anything i am now more serious about getting proper tools and practicing my piping more so i can make more cute cakes!

#florespondence #gardening @plants

This is Physalis alkekengi, more commonly known as Chinese Lantern or ground cherry. The gorgeous orange part is the ripening seed pod.

I was going to do lime sour cream for the poblano-corn flat bread but apparently it had gone bad...

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