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I guess are in order. Hello, my name's Elisha! Other than writing, I've been taking up cooking to pass the time during this pandemic. I like to bake but my skills are probably more Nailed It! material than The Great British Bake Off - here's a cake I made to prove it. Anyway, nice to meet you!

I've been craving for some soup for a long time. Honestly my future goal is to make my own chicken stock, but for now, store bought is okay.

Okay seriously the bowl is doing wonders, but also I'm happy to say that I'm delightfully surprised how different salads actually taste like if you buy veggies fresh from the farmer's market? They're extra crunchy!

Does anyone know what kind of vegetable this is? I got a surprise box from the farmers market today and this is the only thing we couldn't identify

This had got to be one of the best dishes I've made so far! Folks, dubu-jorim is a good way to cook tofu :D

Recipe from

Tinkering with the idea of making my own pasta now. Question: where can I possibly by a second hand pasta maker? :D I don't own a Kitchen Aid so I was thinking a Marcato Atlas 150 or something like it.

Craving finally satisfied! I've been thinking about making Kimchi Fried Rice for so long D:

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The Cailleach is a Scottish winter deity.
The goddess is also the creator god in some Gaelic creation myths, carving the landscape out of raw rock.
She is said to rule over the winter and cause dangerous whirlpools along the shoreline, her throne is ben nevis.
Some local legends have her as an opposing force to the goddess Brigid who rules in the summer.
the UK's oldest surviving shrine, Tigh nan Cailleach , is dedicated to her.

over time The Cailleach became used at the default hag in many Scottish folk tales, similar to Baba Yaga from Russian folklore.

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“The Free Black University is a hub for radical and transformative knowledge production. The fight to decolonise education has been going on for years and it has become ever clearer that more is required than what the current education system can offer.“

Made brownies! But since I didn't have a square pan, had to do with the cake pan :))

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RE: Recipe Help on Apples

Didn't expect an overwhelming number of response to my inquiry when I logged in! Thank you so much guys ❤️ These apples are gonna rock!

RECIPE HELP! Our neighbor just gave us a ton of green and yellow apples. Besides apple chips, what else can we do with them? I don't want them to spoil and throw it out :(

Oohhh not bad - didn't put any sugar on it but they turned out sweet anyway!

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hi i’m fanny! my main is over at @shade. i’m an artist and a stay at home parent and my favorite things to make are desserts and breakfast. i’ve been “””seriously””” baking for ~15 years now and i really like learning about the science behind it and experimenting with my own recipes.

i don’t have much else to add except i’m excited to start posting more about my baking adventures and trying recipes from y’all!

here are some cakes i’ve made 🖤

Rice Krispies but left over Cocoa Pebbles? Sure why not?

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Excellent post on the medieval conception of debt, why debt is immoral, and also imaginary.

Referencing a David Graeber discussion “On harmful jobs, odious debt, and facists who believe in global warming”

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I was interviewed by Vivaldi recently and the posted the blog today.

Check it out here:

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