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I guess are in order. Hello, my name's Elisha! Other than writing, I've been taking up cooking to pass the time during this pandemic. I like to bake but my skills are probably more Nailed It! material than The Great British Bake Off - here's a cake I made to prove it. Anyway, nice to meet you!

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RE: Recipe Help on Apples

Didn't expect an overwhelming number of response to my inquiry when I logged in! Thank you so much guys ❤️ These apples are gonna rock!

RECIPE HELP! Our neighbor just gave us a ton of green and yellow apples. Besides apple chips, what else can we do with them? I don't want them to spoil and throw it out :(

Oohhh not bad - didn't put any sugar on it but they turned out sweet anyway!

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hi i’m fanny! my main is over at @shade. i’m an artist and a stay at home parent and my favorite things to make are desserts and breakfast. i’ve been “””seriously””” baking for ~15 years now and i really like learning about the science behind it and experimenting with my own recipes.

i don’t have much else to add except i’m excited to start posting more about my baking adventures and trying recipes from y’all!

here are some cakes i’ve made 🖤

Rice Krispies but left over Cocoa Pebbles? Sure why not?

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Excellent post on the medieval conception of debt, why debt is immoral, and also imaginary.

Referencing a David Graeber discussion “On harmful jobs, odious debt, and facists who believe in global warming”

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I was interviewed by Vivaldi recently and the posted the blog today.

Check it out here:

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What do you use to manage your recipes? I used pepperplate for a long time until they killed their free tier a couple of months ago, then I switched to, which has been fine so far. The 'import recipe from URL' feature works pretty well.

Speaking of recipe URLs, shout to @cuttlefish for turning me onto the 'Recipe Filter' plugin for FireFox:

When you hit a recipe blog page, it attempts to isolate the actual recipe and pop it right into a modal div so you don't have to scroll past 10,000 words of blather; it is life-changing!

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Hi all, I'm Max.

I'm a home cook who likes fancy techniques.

I guess the thing I made most recently is this rhubarb syrup.

And so, I finally realized what I had been doing wrong with my instant pot -

"Food Burn" happens when I switch from saute to pressure cook instantly. To prevent that, I turned it off for awhile after sauteing, let everything just chill for a bit in there (5 minutes should be enough), before putting on the lid and setting it to pressure cook. Solved!

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Hey I want to collect a list of resources for #ethical #WebDesign #html #css #js #sustainability #a11y etc etc pls reply with your favorites and also pls boost.

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Friendly reminder not to use the same password across sites!

The #livejournal data breach that spammers have been using to zombify dreamwidth journals for the last couple months has finally been uploaded to HaveIBeenPwned:

Squirrelitude also has a great explanation of why this breach might be particularly problematic:

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Well, it's Noah! I'm a small account, and if you know me at all, it's for two things: pictures of Clark and food threads that border, perhaps, on the overlong.

I work with almost any kind of food—Puerto Rican/Cuban, Tex-Mex, Korean, Indian, and vaguely Southeast Asian—but I'm usually at my best when making big batch stuff like casseroles, roasts, rice and beans, etc. I like to experiment with weird mixes of flavors, spice mixes, etc.

Lately, I've been getting into making ice cream, syrups, and other kinds of non-bake sweets, since I'm still not great with the slower fire.

Day 20 of - I no longer own physical copies of songs, but this CD is something special! Also, I really wish I can watch MNL 143 again.

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It's Louisa! I've been around the fediverse for a couple of years now, if you know me you know I love to cook and eat and talk about food

My parents are English but I grew up in the northeastern US, so my strengths are in those regions' foods, but I love to experiment and try new things

Here's some things I've made

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spice blend today (unmeasured):

- garlic powder
- onion powder
- chili powder
- lil bit of cumin
- like, way more Cayenne pepper than I should have put in there. entirely Too Much.

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Seeing my non-techie dad in a Zoom meeting has to be the cutest thing ever!

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