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Hi, I'm z. Trying this place out to see if it's a good fit

Stroopwaffel smores

- 2 stroopwaffles
- chocolate (I use dark chocolatechips)
- 4 marshmallows

Put the stroopwaffles on a plate, put the chocolate on one, microwave for up to 20 seconds, no more or they will become puddles of caramel. Toast the marshmallows. Combine.

Dark chocolate chip and peanut m&m cookies. The peanut ones were a mistake I regret them

Might try to make cookies today, idk. I always overbake them and they become rocks

First time making a cake. I didn't make the ganache from the recipe and I added pecans, cinnamon, cardamom, allspice, and clove to it. There's also a layer of blueberry preserves and chocolate chips in the middle. She ain't pretty but she taste good.

I just wanna be able to go to the thrift store

trying to do some reverse tie dye today...oof boy did i fuck that up.

Apple cinnamon cardamom pancakes with sauteed apple topping

Balsamic lemon beets. Beet greens, radish kimchi, broccoli rice. And pork ribs with...a BBQ sauce made by a local injury lawyer?

Beets marinated in balsamic vinegar and lemon juice, baked carrots, and pork ribs

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Making oven roasted carrots, sauteed beets, and grilled pork ribs tonight. Hope I don't fuck the vegitables up

Hi, I'm z. Trying this place out to see if it's a good fit

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