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I used the neural net GPT-2 to generate some April Fools pranks.

conveniently they're all pranks you play on yourself. or possibly solo performance art.

I searched for "pandas" (the python library)... I have absolutely no idea where "people" came from

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serial killers, eye strain (terrible photo) 

saw an ad on the tube this morning for phone insurance telling me that without facebook, tinder, and google I'd have no mates, love, or answers.

I don't use any of them and yes I do not really have friends and I certainly do not have answers but I don't think that's something that massive corporations are going to fix

tldr: it was a stupid fucking advert

top tip: don't forget to take ur SSRIs for 2 days in a row

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Software is like an onion. If you open up the inner layers you start crying

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switching headaches are the worst 🤕

made vegan soya mince + vegetable chilli and it was surprisingly photogenic (also tasty, but definitely needed more spice) 😊

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I kind of wish my partner would stop describing our meals as "nutritionally complete for humans"

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Call for participation!

If you're into #python (#django) or #javascript (#vuejs) development and looking for a project that is driving social change and is owned and run by nice people who care about ethical technology and participatory governance then check out

See the #35C3 talk:

Break things: +

Over and Out.

even though I actually really enjoy cooking, it's quite rare that I have the spoons to make myself anything that I can't make in under 10 minutes and/or using the microwave - so this weird little lentil stew is actually something of an achievement

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