cw: surprise sheep birth 

i had no idea until two hours ago when i went to give them their snacks- at first i thought someone else’s lamb somehow got into our fence but then i saw lucia next to it and was like LUCI IS THIS YOURS??!? DID YOU MAKE THIS??!? and ran back to the house crying with joy hahaha

SURPRISE! the new sheep we adopted, who we were told could no longer have lambs, was PREGNANT!! we have a new addition!! i’m going to hold off on naming for now.

got this incredible video of florence and patch booping noses through the fence. please ignore the audio haha

anyway just finished off the last of this amazing golden black-eyes bean thing from vegan one-pot wonders. beans just get better and better the next day.

aargh sorry, haven’t been very active. was having problems with my phone that are now sorted!

false alarm. the dude just came to say hi and he will come monday

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sheep house is finished, just need to put up the fenceposts and they’ll be ready to roll

see i love cool sweaters and knitwear but i absolutely despise knitting. this is my curse. i must subsist on the ones i currently own rather than make my dream creations

anyway! my birthday is coming up. gonna cook a chicken for my friend who passed last year and try to have a chill board games and music hang out with some friends. (numbers are low here and i am well under the legal limit for people, do not worry)

sorry for the lack of gingerbready pictures! i'm having a problem with my sd card and can't get them on my computer. i'll troubleshoot once i get the current art school appl. in

you ever see a movie and think whoah this is terrible let me look for someone on the internet breaking down exactly how so i can feel validated! and all you find is a circlejerk of “hnhgh such a masterpiece” “what a strong aesthetic” “truly incredible” because i saw a chunk of blade runner 2049 last night and yikes

why is my duvet square!? how did this happen?? what the fuck?? it’s been causing problems but i never realized this before????

muahaha! he left his machine behind and gave us the go ahead to finish all the leftover cheese. i will be over here, basking in the glory of my decadent palace built of potatoes and melty cheese

i ate so much raclette last night. a freind brought his huge raclette heater that i think he stole from a restaurant he worked at and it was heavenly. nonstop cheesy potato goodness

picked up the ole mandolin today and remembered why i stopped playing: i spent ten minutes tuning, i strum, OUT OF TUNE AGAIN?? i go back, retune the bad ones, oh no now the other ones are out of tune! culminating in half an hour of this back and forth bullshit. oh boy is it fun after that though

just found about about the Public Universal Freind and i absolutely love this person.

thinking of writing a video essay about that tumblr post that lies about persephone. it’s very interesting to me and i want to talk about it!

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