SURPRISE! the new sheep we adopted, who we were told could no longer have lambs, was PREGNANT!! we have a new addition!! i’m going to hold off on naming for now.

got this incredible video of florence and patch booping noses through the fence. please ignore the audio haha

gingerbread creatures! you can see where my icing skills improve haha

progress is being made on the gingerbread treehouse! i’m very proud of how it’s turning out!

found these pretty cool mushrooms on a tree a while back. no idea what they are but hey! they’re cool!

meet patch! i love him very much. he is six years old and a jack russell/not sure maybe podenco? mix.

@glaucousgoblin in their new homes again sorry for the lack of image desc. i don’t know how to do it. can someone please tell me

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finally there are flowers popping up again! summer is the dead season here

very happy with my pothos props! going to plant the ones with roots today. i don’t know how to add image descriptions embedded into the photo, could someone explain it to me? i’ve tried looking it up and haven’t got any useful results. i use tootle btw!

this year we decided to press our own olives into oil- it’s going okay for the first time! gonna let it settle for a couple days, and experiment with filtering in the meantime! also, if anyone has any experience or feedback they’re willing to offer it would be very much appreciated.

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