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Re food posts/recipes, I post unCWed toots, as I am on a cooking instance!

However, I am also trying to remember to write a separate CWed post that links back for recipes, for people who would prefer to see/boost food CWed.

I'm also trying to remember to add the hashtags and , so that you can mute these if you don't want them in your timeline at all.

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For those at the back, if you don't have any bio info or any toots, your follow requests will be rejected.

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Growing ? It's time to check if you have any garlic scapes, because if you don't take them off, you'll end up with small bulbs in the ground.

Short blogpost with detailed pictures on what to do.

:garlic: :garlic: :garlic:

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I realise I've never stated this clearly, so I will now. Please call me out/let me know, if I've said or inferred anything that is racist, ableist, anti-trans etc. I'm trying really hard to unlearn white supremacy, stop using ableist language etc, but I'm going to make mistakes. I'd rather know, so I can change that language/behaviour.

@GwenfarsGarden before I wrote today's toots, I went and looked at his website, and there's been no sign of any posts about saffron since autumn 2017. He and his wife used to do their whole harvest (of like 20g!) and they used an old fridge to keep the picked blossoms cold so they would stay closed longer and give them more time to rip the threads cleanly.

Here's an article from 2010 about Jim and his saffron,

You don't need a field to grow your own #saffron but it really does seem to work better in the ground versus in containers.

As of Oct 18th, morning, the flowers picked are 54 and corms showing is around 125.

I began this bed with just 20 corms a decade ago, and in 2018 I harvested almost 300 flowers, so it is easy to start low-cost and propagate them yourself.

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#Saffron Math:

It takes seven individual strands of dried saffron for my jeweler's scale to register .001g. That large mother-of-pearl plate full of drying threads will weigh approximately .02g when fully dry untrimmed.

There's also the thing in saffron culture where the paler 'style' end is trimmed off and then the spice is considered a finer quality and priced higher.

A gram of trimmed saffron can be $20 USD at market, what do you think the growers were paid?

#gardening #economics

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Harvest for Saturday Oct 16, eighteen #saffron blossoms! 🤩

There are still some flowers in the morning that are only halfway emerged, and I'll make a second flower pass in the evening. The number of corm tips showing is now over 100.

#florespondence #photography

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I left this #saffron crocus blossom undisturbed in my house for 24 hours so that it would get warm enough to open and show you what saffron looks like when it's still in the flower.

#gardening #plants #florespondence

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Once the #saffron crocus flower has been picked in the field, the spice itself still has to be harvested.

I like to use the edge of my thumbnail to split the base of the saffron flower and pull everything open from there, yanking out the red stigmas by their common base.

That's it. Dry the red stigmas and you have the spice more commonly known as saffron. Aka zafran, zafferano, safran, kesar, ....

#gardening #food #florespondence

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Over 90s% of the world's saffron comes from Iran. When we embargo them, literal tons of spice are smuggled to other countries, rebranded and sold. Actually, the demand is even greater for genuinely-labeled Iranian saffron when banned, what a friend of mine once nicknamed "the Romulan ale of the spice world."

Western science has never found a use for the rest of the saffron flower, and it's never stopped looking, hoping to find a way to make the other 99% of the plant worth something.

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The areas of Iran, Afghanistan and India where saffron has been traditionally grown are some of the most harsh climatically, the poorest economically and the most ethically violent.

There is still a tradition in many of the Middle Eastern areas where saffron is cultivated for the salaries of the women who harvest it to be paid to their husbands, and not directly to them.

Climate change is already wreaking some wild changes to these regions.

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The thing you see on tons of Western websites about harvesting with tweezers is some wild bullshit from capitalists who don't grok their capitalism. The entire flower is pinched off, gathered in big baskets or bags by manual human labor. Those flowers go to buildings where women (almost exclusively) then rip the flowers open and take out the spice threads. They do this work as fast as they can.

Each flower makes three threads of saffron. It takes over 150,000 flowers to make a pound.

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Harvesting #Saffron

The flowers are traditionally picked early, when closed, so the spice isn't exposed to moisture or sunlight. The blossoms wilt after that first day so don't leave them.

Here are the blossoms that were partially emerged last night, and how they were right before I picked them this morning. To pick, you cleanly pinch off the entire flower at the narrow neck below the blossom.

Capitalistic discussion of harvest next.

#gardening #plants #florespondence

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My fancy, frivolous frou-frou tuberous begonia has been a joy all summer, but never more than right now, when its rich, red flowers are lit up against a background of senescing witch hazel leaves (“Diane”).

#florespondence @plants

Took a pretty long hike today, 17km. The seaside and the trails surrounding it are stunning without tourists around. Yeah, obviously I hate tourists. I've started even hating myself as a tourist, so I'm always trying to live places and not just to visit them.
Here we were really close to Cinque Terre: luckily these places are not that famous so you can still enjoy silence and nature.
And now I'm so tired.

Questions about heated blankets 

This is about heated blankets that you can use sitting in a chair, not electric blankets that you use in a bed.

I've only just come across the idea of a heated blanket. I have #MECFS and my body cannot regulate it's temperature, meaning I get cold very easily even if the central heat is on, & it takes a lot to warm me up again. Getting cold triggers pain. So I wondered if a heated blanket might help, for me to use on when sitting on a chair/sofa, instead of turning up the heating & making my partner too hot.

Do these work? Do they take long to heat up? Anything to look out for/problems?

Obviously I've tried normal blankets, but when I get cold, these can take quite some time to warm me up. So wondering if heated blankets might work a lot quicker?

ukpol, green monarchism 

well this is the single most Prince Charles headline I've read in maybe my entire life

reuse ideas welcome 

I have a handful of little glass bottles I saved from various things that I would love to find a use for. One has a dropper top, but 3 or so have good spray nozzles on them. They're only about 75ml size. Seems small for cleaning products and I'm kind of drawing a blank.

What kinds of things do you put in squirt bottles?

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