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Re food posts/recipes, I post unCWed toots, as I am on a cooking instance!

However, I am also trying to remember to write a separate CWed post that links back for recipes, for people who would prefer to see/boost food CWed.

I'm also trying to remember to add the hashtags and , so that you can mute these if you don't want them in your timeline at all.

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For those at the back, if you don't have any bio info or any toots, your follow requests will be rejected.

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Growing ? It's time to check if you have any garlic scapes, because if you don't take them off, you'll end up with small bulbs in the ground.

Short blogpost with detailed pictures on what to do.

:garlic: :garlic: :garlic:

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I realise I've never stated this clearly, so I will now. Please call me out/let me know, if I've said or inferred anything that is racist, ableist, anti-trans etc. I'm trying really hard to unlearn white supremacy, stop using ableist language etc, but I'm going to make mistakes. I'd rather know, so I can change that language/behaviour.

There is something very special about the way the cartoon marries with the music of Sibelius's Valse Triste, that catches my heart every time I see/hear it.

I've always called the sad pussy cat music, so am including the video here, so it catches your heart too

#Sibelius #Cats

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#TIL that the Edmonton Public Library, in Edmonton, AB, Canada, has a seed library. It offers a collection of free seeds that you can "borrow, grow, and share."

This is so wholesome and fantastic I think I'm going to lose my sh*t

@plants #gardening

Look who I found hanging out in housemate’s garden? I’ve never gotten a photo of a dragonfly that was this close or this clear! After a very difficult chronic illness week spent indoors, this felt like a little welcome-back hug from mother nature. #insects #dragonfly #florespondence

@plants my mom propagated a plant she has (on the right) that she insists is not a peace lily but is instead, a very similar Asian plant you can get in Chinatown and not many places else. Also it's very old. Usually, the leaves look the same. However this time when propagating, my mom got completely different leaves (left). It looks more like a ZZ plant now. What's going on? #florespondence #plants

What’s a happy thing in your garden today? This is one of mine: perennial greens in front of some daffodils. The greens are going into my lunch. Don’t eat the daffodils!


#florespondence #garden #daffodil

These are just a couple of the many varieties of rhododendron that grow in the garden at work. Hand included in a couple of the photos to show just how big the individual blooms are. Last photo captures some of the size of the cottage-tall plants. #florespondence

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Hello! #introduction #introductions

I'm Avery, I'm the international cultivar registration authority (ICRA) for the #Tradescantia genus.

I'm responsible for registering new cultivar names and keeping track of old ones. At the moment I'm working on historic research to make an initial checklist of every name that's ever been documented.

I'll be posting updates on here, but the best info will be on!


Today's the day for #Tradescantia zebrina #flowers apparently! Four different cultivars are going off at once - 'Little Hill', 'Purpusii', 'Purple Joy', and 'Dark Desire'.

The last two actually might be names for the same thing, I hoped that the flowers might help distinguish them but... there's so little flower variation even between definitely-different cultivars of zebrina 😬

#florespondence #plants #houseplants

Absolutely ridiculous variation in #Tradescantia 'Maiden's Blush' when grown in different conditions - its growth habit changes completely.

On the left was grown indoors in the warm, and on the right was grown in a cold porch. They look like different species!

#houseplants #plantscience #horticulture #botany

Took a walk to local gallery for their opening night and snapped a picture of this aquilegia

#florespondence #NaturePhotography #MastoArt

#florespondence from yesterday’s meander at break time. The first is a photo of some thimbleberry blossoms,and the second is a blossom and buds of the pacific trailing blackberry or dewberry. The latter is a bit harder to find but highly superior to the invasive blackberries that grow here. Especially if you find them at the peak of ripeness.

This caladium is just doing the absolute most. The middle stalk is at least a foot tall, and its leaf is bigger than my hand :ACNH_Pride: :ACNH_Joy: #florespondence

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