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Re food posts/recipes, I post unCWed toots, as I am on a cooking instance!

However, I am also trying to remember to write a separate CWed post that links back for recipes, for people who would prefer to see/boost food CWed.

I'm also trying to remember to add the hashtags and , so that you can mute these if you don't want them in your timeline at all.

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Front garden: Spring 2020 overview, in pictures

Lots of pics on the blog. The photos posted here are the before (when we moved in, Nov 2017) and May 2020, to give you an idea of how it's changed.


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For those at the back, if you don't have any bio info or any toots, your follow requests will be rejected.

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Growing ? It's time to check if you have any garlic scapes, because if you don't take them off, you'll end up with small bulbs in the ground.

Short blogpost with detailed pictures on what to do.

:garlic: :garlic: :garlic:

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I realise I've never stated this clearly, so I will now. Please call me out/let me know, if I've said or inferred anything that is racist, ableist, anti-trans etc. I'm trying really hard to unlearn white supremacy, stop using ableist language etc, but I'm going to make mistakes. I'd rather know, so I can change that language/behaviour.

bad eating habits 

finding it hard to motivate myself to, y'know, get veg and fruit and pack lunches

having moved to temporary accommodation, with limited kitchen facilities

any clever tricks, ideas etc. appreciated 🍱


Hi I'm Jules, 37 (finally prime again :yay:), living in a city in Germany. I'm in love with my dog, #photography (#filmPhotography <3), the #fiberArts and things that grow (mostly #plants).

#queer #enby, #disabled, #neurodivergent, family from all over the place, I'm a child of immigrants passing as white. It's complicated.

Communication is hard!

I toot about my personal life, #disability, sometimes #politics, #queer stuff, #enbyKnits and the things I love.


Someone on facebook asked for Good Rom Com ideas, and I accidentally spent the whole morning thinking of them. What follows is a thread of them


Apple season is upon us here in the pacific northwest of the US (among other places). What is your favorite apple?

Mine is the Mountain Rose.

Our Fiddle-leaf fig is finally starting to take off. The first leaf took forever to grow and then did nothing while the old leaf died back. The first leaf is now now growing again while a second is growing nicely and a third bud bursting.

#gardening #indoorplants #spring

Not quite #florespondence
Coastal she-oak:: [drew as bonsai]
Casuarina equistefolia subspecies incana.
Family: casuarinae
A small to medium tree 10-15m with weeping needle-like foliage.
Sandy soils, full sun, tolerant of salt and wind, fast growing, water wise.
Flowers in: spring.
Biodiversity benefits: cockatoos and parrots, bird nesting, mistletoe host.

Thought I saw a new-to-me mushroom in the yard, but at closer inspection they turned out to be ghost plants! Monotropa uniflora, freaky little chlorophyll-free parasitic plants. πŸ†’


Hello, all. I live in #kansascity . I'm interested in #hamradio. I have a couple of 5 watt #Baofeng HTs and a 25 watt QYT KT8900D mobile rig in the car.

I'm also interested in #gardening, #hydroponics, #3dprinting, #Esperanto, and a bunch of other stuff.


Maybe 1.2 tons of patio limestone placed today. There is now a paved path (however narrow) all the way from the back door to the little patio area at the far end of the yard. My back is killing me, but rain from tropical storm beta should help these settle in and the grass grow up around them. #hardscaping #gardening

Some #florespondence from the back yard. On the one hand, I can’t wait into quarantine is over so I can actually see any of Victoria. On the other, having this outdoor space is making quarantine so much easier to deal with.

UK pol, petition link, boosts encouraged 

There's a UK parliament official petition going around with the goal of having the Gender Recognition Act reformed to better accommodate Transgender and Non Binary identities. Link below for anyone who can sign, :boost_ok: for everyone else

When I threw the seeds that produced these #sunflowers into this planter and then neglected them, I was presuming something would eat the seeds shortly after they sprouted. Sheer Total Utter Neglect (STUN) is a thing in permaculture.
#Gardening @plants

Dwarf banksia: banksia oblongifolia
Family: proteaceae
A shrub that grows to about 3m. Dark green leaves and lemon yellow flower heads. Woody seed heads.
Habitat: Open woodland, swamp margins, shrubland, coastal slopes.
Benefits: nectar-eating birds, cockatoos and parrots, insect eating birds, bees, butterflies, tree-top mammals, mistletoe host

Something I think about all the time:

I was working at the public library when the final Wheel of Time book came out. And when the book hit the shelves, the people who were first in the holds queue were FEVERISH for this book in a way I had never seen anybody be for any book.

I vividly remember this one guy who was waiting at the door the minute we opened on the day we got the book.

I was wondering yesterday if there are any red/black bisected masks out there, turns out the Bangladesh Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation already made a bunch for their own mutual aid efforts :ancomheart:​

If anyone's holding on to some good silverbeet recipes, let's hear them.

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