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Re food posts/recipes, I post unCWed toots, as I am on a cooking instance!

However, I am also trying to remember to write a separate CWed post that links back for recipes, for people who would prefer to see/boost food CWed.

I'm also trying to remember to add the hashtags and , so that you can mute these if you don't want them in your timeline at all.

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For those at the back, if you don't have any bio info or any toots, your follow requests will be rejected.

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Growing ? It's time to check if you have any garlic scapes, because if you don't take them off, you'll end up with small bulbs in the ground.

Short blogpost with detailed pictures on what to do.

:garlic: :garlic: :garlic:

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I realise I've never stated this clearly, so I will now. Please call me out/let me know, if I've said or inferred anything that is racist, ableist, anti-trans etc. I'm trying really hard to unlearn white supremacy, stop using ableist language etc, but I'm going to make mistakes. I'd rather know, so I can change that language/behaviour.

hey y’all i am scheduled to have top surgery in april, which means i will need to have my bill paid by the end of march. i am paying out of pocket bc my insurance doesn’t cover it. between savings and donations i am over halfway there but still need help

if you would like to donate or share my gfm i would be forever grateful. i am also open for commissions and such, most of which gets set aside for my surgery. thank you 🖤

Piano Man by Billy Joel, played by me. #piano. I am away from the piano for a couple of weeks, so this is the best it will be for sometime.

And number one is doing fine – the flowers from the second stalk are also opening…
#hippeastrum #florespondence

I am very happy to report that #hippeastrum number two has in fact the full set of four flowers.
I love those red veins.

It is done! The last bulbs are finally planted. Also the new peach and apple beds are planted up (except still waiting for apple tree to arrive).

Both beds are full of bulbs (tulips, daffodils, muscari, and crocus) with native-ish perennials I’ve grown from seed or cuttings over them.

How strange – every morning after sunrise there are about 20min of sunlight – and then it disappears behind the clouds. How does this look from space, I wonder. A gap in the clouds racing after the shadowlands? Or are the alps providing for some weird weather pattern? In any case, I wake up on the weekend around nine and spend the hour in the living room because I know, somewhere in there I’ll get my 20min of sunlight for the day. #hippeastrum

Some good hashtags to check out on the Fediverse:

#BreadPosting - Things people have baked

#DogsOfMastodon - Pictures of good bois

#Florespondence - Plants and flowers

#SFFBookClub - Discussing sci-fi and fantasy books

#MastoArt - Artists on the Fediverse

#Introduction & #Introductions - New people on here, say hello

#NP & #NowPlaying - Music tracks currently listened to

#Caturday - Pictures of cats on Saturdays

#Sporespondence - Mushrooms and other fungi

#SmallStories & #TootFic & #SmallPoems - Fiction and poetry short enough to fit into a toot

#Mosstodon - Pictures of moss

#BandcampFriday - Interesting artists on Bandcamp

#AmReading - Anything you are reading

#AmWriting - Anything you are writing

#AskMastodon & #AskFediverse - Requesting help or info from people on the Fedi

#VendrediLecture - French language discussion of books on Fridays

#MastoRadio - Italian language discussion of music

#FediTips #MastoTips #Hashtags

Hey foss nerds: Is there a federated recipe blog type thing? I want a place to post my vegan co-op slop recipes other than linking people to my soup.txt files on Dropbox

a smol begpost 

Got a small bill (~£15) in a few days, that we can't currently afford and we need to do a food shop soon. or

Thank you <3

Hot take: I like flowers. Flowers are good.

Seattle is a strange place where fuschias bloom in the winter #florespondence

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