Partner usually likes Thai food, but didn't care for this. We had the Massaman curry from the same brand last week and he didn't care for that one, either. He thought this one tasted just like the Massaman, but "more like pickles"... huh?! I don't understand his taste buds, haha. We have very different tastes, which makes it tricky to find things that we both like. On the bright side, more curry for me!

And note to self: if I make this one again, make it spicier!

There's some ingredient in this one that I really like that my curry is always lacking. I used to think it was coconut flavor, but now I think the richness of the coconut just brings it out. I don't even know how to describe it. I think it could be the kaffir lime leaf.

Tonight I made curry using Mike's Organic Curry Love Green Thai Curry Sauce. I thought it was quite good! I love curry and one of my goals is to be able to make an amazing one someday.

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I've always wanted to try fresh coconut and got to try some today! I thought it would be juicier...

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Today's edible : The lilacs are a little past their prime but still smell amazing. I picked a bagful from the feral bushes along the bike trail and soon they're gonna be syrup for cocktails.

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I made sunflower seed butter a week ago or so. A bit of work, but sooo tasty, and in the end, the recipe is simple:

1. Roast sunflower seeds in a pan. Oven roasting would probably work as well. I took 100 g, but that's a very small batch.

2. Dump them into a blender with a tiny pinch of salt. Blend away until a smooth paste forms.

3. Fill into a clean jar, store outside of the fridge.

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Made broccoli soup to go with it, which turned out okay. Was a nice meal!

A lot of the bread recipes I've seen called for a loaf pan (this one did, too) or a dutch oven, which discouraged me because I don't have either, but I just threw it on a regular pan with a silicone mat and it turned out fine.

I made a loaf of bread for the first time! So happy! 😄
Was nervous when I took it out of the oven and it was hard as a rock, so the first thing I did was cut it in half to check if it was edible. It was not bad for a first try!

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Sharing this info and a couple of recipes about using acorns as a food source! This content came from the quarterly newsletter my tribe's administration puts out; acorns were, and still are, albeit to a lesser extent, an important staple food of Northern California indigenous peoples, my tribes included!

And a little native language lession! Words for acorns according to my tribes!

Northern Pomo: Bidu
Konkow Maidu: Hä’-hä

Tried making this tofu in spinach sauce. Ate with brown rice and it was pretty good. I expected a stronger spinach flavor for how green the sauce was.

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Had a dream I was just about to eat hot oatmeal with ice cream on top. Yummmm. Then I woke up.

I realized today that if I roll the pizza dough into a ball first, it's a lot easier to roll it out evenly 😋

maybe one day I'll put a reasonable amount of filling in a burrito (but probably not)

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Today in edible - big leaf maple blossoms! Gonna make some pesto out of these tonight.

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