I made a loaf of bread for the first time! So happy! 😄
Was nervous when I took it out of the oven and it was hard as a rock, so the first thing I did was cut it in half to check if it was edible. It was not bad for a first try!

A lot of the bread recipes I've seen called for a loaf pan (this one did, too) or a dutch oven, which discouraged me because I don't have either, but I just threw it on a regular pan with a silicone mat and it turned out fine.

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Made broccoli soup to go with it, which turned out okay. Was a nice meal!

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@jade It sounds (and looks!) like it turned out great! What kind of bread is that? I want to say a kind of rye because of all the brown?

@jade Wow that's super brown for whole wheat :O That's really cool!

@jade Homemade bread is so satisfying isn't it?

@Paul For sure! I think I'll be making more soon.

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