I got an invitation for AW, it for tonight and I'm reading the invitation first time this morning. It looks like it was first sent out Friday afternoon before a three day weekend. I was not included then but got a forward from the same boss on Sunday. Is this the legendary planning capability of management?

Shrimp soup. For me this is very luxurious, shrimp are pretty expensive here but they were discounted today.

I even got a small bottle of cognac to go all out on flavouring the soup. Cognac has a million culinary uses so it's always good to have it at home.

Summer is starting to come around which tends to me making more salads. This is one of my favorites, melon salad with halloumi cheese and avocado. Made a lemon vinaigrette for the salad to brighten it up a bit.

Enjoying some beers. The Hazy Weekend was a bit too bitter for a hazy IPA in my opinion. The Brlo was light and refreshing but thin in taste.

Managed to screw up another carbonara. This dish might be one of my weak points. This time I did the sauce separately and it looked quite nice until I dumped my freshly cooked hot pasta on it and it immediately curdled.

You live, you learn.

Stir fry with noodles, something I often fall back on when I don't know what to do. This time it was mainly beef and broccoli.

Store bought chili oil added the final touch, should try and make my own some time.

I want to extend an excuse to my fellow commuters, I might have entered snoring beast mode on my way home today.

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Grilled some flap steak last night. I went with just salt and pepper since it's a flavour full cut, also I didn't plan my life enough to have time to let it soak in a marinade.

Threw some asparagus and tomatoes on the grill as well.

I had two cookies and a cup of coffee for breakfast, nailing this adult life.

Every time I make Kung Pao chicken it turns out a little different, it is delicious every time though.

Once again I read a post about someone proclaiming their view on software design as the self evident truth.

So tired that so many people can't state something as being their experience and actually motivating that choice.

Found some plume that was half price at the store since it was close to its best before date. Plume isn't that common here but I find it really delicious.

Made some roasted potatoes and carrots and just fried the plume with some salt and pepper. Made a sauce from sea buckthorn, creme fraiche, garlic, parsley, terragon, salt, and pepper.

I'm not great at plating things to look nice.

I try to cook a nicer breakfast on Sundays. Factoring in required time, tastiness, and the amount of mess made I find scrambled eggs on toast to be the best option, what are other people having for breakfast when they have more time than usual?

The store had some nice pork bones today so I had to make some Tonkotsu ramen. Rushed it a bit so the stock could have been a bit more flavorful, but quite nice all in all.

Got through another year, I have reached level 42 now.

Had some ground elk meat so I made some patties and a pan sauce with cream. Served it with mashed potatoes, macerated lingon berries, and Swedish style pickled cucumbers.

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