I think the mystery flour is white corn meal? Or masa? I should try making a basic flatbread out of it to see if it's easier to pick up the flavor that way.

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Putting together an almost entirely freegan menu for date night tomorrow and feeling very excited/smug about it.

Free ingredients: TVP from Buy Nothing, canned tomato & green chiles from couponing, beef stock from my bf's Hello Fresh kit leftovers, masa + a can of corn from a free pile. Lettuce, green beans & zucchini from my garden. Apples from my tree & rhubarb from a neighbor's garden, mystery flour from a free pile.

Paid ingredients: Butter, walnuts, cheese, sugar, salt, spices.

goblin attitudes to food safety; alcohol 

There's also a 5 gallon carboy filled with what I believe is >5 year old sour ale. Has it turned into an interesting malt vinegar?

Not gonna find out until I figure out where all my growler lids went.

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goblin attitudes to food safety; alcohol 

I decided today was the day to clean up my old brewing stuff & try to sell it.

I had a 3 gallon carboy mostly filled with years-old mystery liquid. Took the bung out, smelled it, it smelled like a nice fruity vinegar. Tasted it - it tastes like a nice fruity vinegar.

Anyway now today is bottling day and I have a whoooole lot of ¿cider? vinegar. Guess I'd better start making shrubs.

Solstice jam: Rose petals, strawberries, rhubarb, pansies (mostly for color, since the rose petals were white), and red clover, harvested from my yard today. Lemon juice, sugar & pectin for chemistry.

I was just wondering where my next batch of bay leaves were gonna come from, now that @eldang and @nein09 aren't around to give me trimmings.

This is my second cardoon harvest. I'm just pulling off the outer stalks from the plant whenever they get annoying, which they did today (it was windy, they went flop).

So far so good, I haven't regretted not wrapping them in cardboard for two weeks to blanch them before harvest. Which is good, because that sounds like work.

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I thought it was my turn to provide dinner for date night tomorrow, and got all excited about my cooking ideas - but no, it's my partner's turn.

Which means this'll be Friday's menu instead & my other partner will get to eat it:

- Ham
- Honeyed cardoons with hazelnuts
- If my harvest spot is blooming, black locust blossoms with chive blossoms + mint + yogurt dressing
- Maybe I can get him to make dinner rolls??

#Botober day 4: Forbidden kale forest. This was more fun than colored pencils.

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I just spent like 4 hours harvesting (and pruning, and chopping canes for the compost) blackberries, and 4 hours in the kitchen. Yield: 1 blackberry disaster pie, 2 bags frozen blackberries, blackberries for yogurt and smoothies for the next several days. Zucchini bread. Turkey tacos. 2 dozen turkey meatballs for the freezer (there were 3 lb chubs of ground turkey on sale cheap at Grocery Outlet).

v. charmed by my new vacuum sealer.

I'm trying to impress a girl who eats vegan, gluten free, and no added sweeteners. Weeknight dinner so I can only get so fancy.

I'm thinking:
- Salad with lettuce, purslane, tomatoes, pepitas, bell peppers, vinaigrette. What's a good savory-salty thing to add instead of cheese?
- Tofu & zucchini over rice with some quasi-Ethiopian spices
- these sugar-free apple cookies, with GF flour sub, with garden berries & whipped coconut cream addsomeveg.com/sugar-free-appl

Sucralose tastes:

Eating fake chikn nuggets for dinner at 9:30pm

with some pickled ginger, because they let you just buy that shit at the store without checking id or anything.

Today's moment of culinary genius: Used garlic chili oil instead of butter for my mac'n'cheez.

Next week is National German Breakfast week! Which doesn't seem to exist anywhere outside of a couple social media posts from this one German bakery in my neighborhood, but okay.

Germans please post pictures of your breakfasts so we can celebrate them?

Tried some yacon! It's a good snack, sweeter and less fibrous than jicama. Glad I'm growing some, hopefully it'll do well enough to propagate more for next year.

I felt so clever yesterday because I made enough smoothie for two breakfasts. But then today's smoothie froze in the fridge (which we still have not replaced despite its many decrepitudes), and I'm just sitting here staring at it until it thaws back to drinking rheology.

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