Why does this purple Skittle taste like rosemary?

This is, I think, the "wild berry" mix and not regular Skittles, so the flavor is supposed to be "berry punch". But it starts as a breath of rosemary. I'm not opposed, necessarily, but it's a little weird.

#Seattle - I'm officially confirmed to lead an edible weeds workshop on Feb 8 at the Meadowbrook Community Center. Even in the middle of winter there are lots of nutritious wild greens; I'll show you a few that are safe and delicious for beginning foragers.

This is part of the Sustainable NE Seattle Hands-On Skills Fair, a full day of free workshops on practical skills for community resilience and lower-impact living. Trying to find a non-FB link for it, but for now:


How long do your kitchen towels last?

If their life cycle includes demotion to dog/shop/cleaning rag or similar, please report time before demotion.

Also, tonight I made soup, and the best part was that I took a small log of leftover rye-mushroom pasta dough out of the freezer, chopped it into pieces, and threw them in.

It was *amazing* as dumpling bits. Way better than it was as noodles.

Now that the Thanksgiving leftovers are nearly consumed, I'm thinking about my next two fancy meals:

- Cassoulet. Not for any special occasion, just because I haven't made it before. I have the fancy beans and a pre-confited duck leg.
- Solstice ritual meal, where I eat food that I harvested on summer solstice. This year that means pineappleweed-saskatoonberry jam, and umeboshi made from ornamental red leaf plums. Onigiri and jammy dodgers? Not sure how to get a meal to cohere out of that.

Obligatory Thanksgiving spread shot. No one wanted to wait for me to take a picture before eating.

The meringue pie suffered a mishap during transportation. It was still good though.

Also I taught my boyfriend's daughter to roll out pie crust so that was heartwarming.

I failed to find chestnut cream in a jar so I had an annoying time with my little food processor making paste. I think the "matching" spare blade I felt lucky to find on buy nothing actually is slightly too small, it pops a little bit off the base at the slightest provocation. No clue where the real blade went.

4/6 pies complete. This is layered pumpkin-chestnut, layered pumpkin-chestnut-flowering quince (made from leftover filling bits), and apple-quince. The maple ginger banana cream is in the fridge.

Chocolate cream and the mise en place for Meyer lemon huckleberry meringue before I quit for the night.

The headline said "New Mexican Breakfast Cafe" and I clicked through to see if they'd have sopapillas... but no, it's just a Mexican cafe and it's new.

You can't make great sopapillas at this altitude anyway. Bah humbug.

I was all geared up for a big shopping trip, to get my annual "free with $150 purchase" turkey. But the offer was while supplies last, and they ran out πŸ˜₯

There's a not-free-but-good turkey deal at the Grocery Outlet, I'll try them tomorrow.

I'm not responsible for the actual Thanksgiving turkey, but roasting the loss-leader promo bird on some random day in January has become a nice winter tradition.

Planning the Thanksgiving pies.

- Maple ginger banana cream
- Pumpkin-chestnut
- Chocolate (by request from a child, so no funny spice stuff)
- Lemon rosemary meringue
- Apple-quince? Pear?? idk, I don't feel like the pie table would be complete without a fruit pie.

We're planning for 10 adults and 4 children, so a 6th pie would definitely be overkill but that won't necessarily stop me from making one, if I see something interesting at the market.

What are your favorite ways to combine root vegetables with beans?

I kind of want scalloped roots, but need to also eat a protein. I'm feeling so uninspired.

Something prompted me to put blue cheese on top of my toast with jam this morning.

It was a shockingly good instinct, good job subconscious.

Sweet Meat squash review 

Sweet Meat squash review 

I saw a bag of marshmallow circus peanuts on super discount in the post-Halloween clearance bin. This was my grandfather's favorite candy, so I grabbed it out of sentiment. I didn't remember ever liking them but it's been decades since I tried, maybe my tastes have changed?

Nope, they're still terrible! Like candy corn cross-bred with styrofoam, or Peeps + cardboard. Nope nope nope nope nope.

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