I love how the pasta extruder always looks like it has tentacles.

half-rye pasta with powdered Suillus mushrooms yummmm


Here's this weekend's garden accomplishment. I'm not sure if the jostaberries will get quite enough sun to fruit well - the blueberries will get a solid half+ day, but that corner gets cut off a little by the mountain ash just out of frame. But they were on sale and we'll see.

Someone's giving away sweet woodruff starts on freecycle, I might try that on the bottom of the hill where I cleared out the English ivy.

My partner was making pizza when I got home. He'd pulled out cans of pineapple and green chile, but wanted ham to balance the pineapple.

Meanwhile I wanted to use the nice young birch boletes I picked yesterday. How do you make those like ham? Fry them in bacon fat! With a bit of worcestershire sauce.

It wasn't really like ham, but it was still good.

Vaguely considering amping up the "red" factor by adding madrone bark. But I'm not sure how to do that without introducing too many tannins - long-simmered bark is not a delicious taste.

Went out to the chestnut trees this afternoon, but there was a lot of competition - including from children, who are not ashamed to run right up to the burr that just fell at your feet and claim it as their own.

I gave up in favor of hawthorn fruits, rose hips, autumn olives, and asian pears. It'll be a nice jam, tart red fall flavors with a sweet balance.

Not sure what to call it though - "outcompeted for chestnuts" is long/awkward. "Not chestnuts"?

Lemon verbena tea with a touch of fireweed and rose petal. Yessss.

I made apple cider bread, following (more or less) this recipe: storyofakitchen.com/bread-reci

I forgot to turn the oven temperature down after preheating so the crust is a lot harder and darker than I prefer. But still - bread! The apple flavor isn't very strong, it's perfect for eating with jam.

Discussion Question:

What holidays or seasonal events do you observe in autumn, and what foods do you celebrate them with?

Ohhh it's time for the fall flush of dandelions πŸ˜‹

#gardening question - is there an easy way to separate a lot of radish seeds from their pods?

I've tried a rolling pin, a meat tenderizer, and beating them in the kitchen-aid with no real success. I know I *could* do it by hand but I have enough that I'd really rather not.

Hot & sour soup isn't that complicated but I still feel like a fucking genius right now.

I went to the woods yesterday and came back with some chanterelles - which I ate in cream sauce with garlic and onions, over spaghetti, delicious! - and some chicken of the woods, which I'm not sure what to do with.

It was growing on a hemlock stump. I don't have bad digestive reactions to conifer chickens or anything but they always taste a little sour, I haven't figured out how to cook with them effectively. Maybe a hot & sour soup?

food, sustainability 

This happy but lonely boi represents two of my #gardening mistakes this year: putting way too much coffee grounds in this raised bed, and thinking that tomatillos are self-fertile.

After I put oyster mushroom mycelium in the bed with the coffee grounds things bounced back. So here's this late bloom. And my other tomatillo in the back still has a couple flowers on it; recommended isolation distances for heirloom seed saving are way bigger than my yard, so maybe I'll get a few?

I swear someone here posted about Chinese egg and tomato scramble recently, but I can't scroll back far enough to see who.

I made it for dinner tonight and πŸ˜‹πŸ‘ so whoever you were, thanks for the inspiration!

What's everyone's favorite mushy, room temperature comfort foods?

I think my post-root canal treats for tomorrow are gonna be mac'n'cheez and pudding, but I can't decide what kind of pudding.

That dance of, I want to bring something cool and homegrown to the barter potluck. But I don't love these people enough to share my tomatoes with them.

Green beans I guess. Maybe zucchini bread?

Working from home today so that I can make apple molasses. So of course my whole house smells absolutely maddening now.

Big autumn energy.

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