Scrambled eggs with garlic, ginger, turmeric, and leftover injera. Plus my sad little harvest of oyster mushrooms and end of season green beans.

Could use a couple tomatoes but it'll do.

Falling into a bit of a research hole about Ethiopian spicing 

Falling into a bit of a research hole about Ethiopian spicing 

I got all excited about this greengage plum tree at work, but the plums are just not very good. I have like 2lbs, maybe I'll try them as wine.

Harvested my first black nightshade (Solanum nigrum) berries today. They're good! Like sweeter darker tomatoes. A bit of an odd aftertaste, I think a few were slightly underripe? They're tricky to pick, I just let the plants sprawl so there's a lot of groping about in foliage.

Super excited to turn them into salsa.

A brief thread on a commonly reported origin story for the use of sweetened condensed milk in #Vietnam (mentioned in this article) that assumes:

A population that would have rather done otherwise ended up *resorting to* using the inferior canned product.

heart health (dieting; advice welcome) 

Garden breakfast. Kale smoothie, zucchini bread, plums. Project "I shouldn't need a produce box until the rains come" is going pretty well so far.

The green beans are winding down, though, and there's nothing coming on to replace them. Except eating all the kale before the aphids get it. Corn has definite ears now but it'll be a bit before they're food.

Maybe it's a time to check what's stored. I've got some nettles in the freezer.

diet-ish talk 

My lunch today is entirely packed in mason jars. What have I become?

Like seriously what's the name for this stereotype?

I abruptly began to love green juices & smoothies when I got sick on a bike camping trip. I stumbled into a hippie grocery in Port Townsend and found that I wanted nothing but kale juice. I felt a lot better after.

Today it's hot out, so, kale banana smoothie for breakfast.

Thanks for the grain salad inspiration @artsyhonker!

Used up the last of the millet, and some of the moth beans. With zucchini, onion, cucumber, green beans, preserved lemon, parsley, olive oil, white wine vinegar, oregano, sumac, fenugreek, coriander, salt, pepper. On lettuce boats because I was feeling fucking precious.

The millet & beans are kind of a starchy glob rather than distinct entities. How do I prevent that? (answers which require not using the instant pot will not be accepted)

I just pulled the last peas from the garden, what should I plant in their place?

Long-term the best answer might be to get a pressure canner. Accumulating canned goods is less of a problem than accumulating stuff in the freezer, and I can easily get rid of excess home-canned stock at barter meetups.

I save bones and veg scraps in my freezer for stock.

In the winter, I make enough soup to keep up with my output. In the summer, I don't want to eat soup, so containers of stock just kind of accumulate.

Whenever I cook grains I use stock for the cooking liquid. Other than that, what are some good warm-weather uses for stock?

Another 6 oz of green beans this morning, after picking 'em clean yesterday. And they're only just starting to come on.

I like green beans, but I really only planted that many because I had new garden beds with bad soil and I wanted something nitrogen fixing and it was too late to plant peas.


Stumbled into a milk carton derby, with a food truck serving deep fried sushi on a stick. Yesssss.

My liquor cabinet contains:

A bottle of cheap blackberry brandy from Buy Nothing
A bottle of okay tequila

... this is not my finest cocktail crafting moment.

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