Dinner tonight was squab with a roasted garlic Japanese knotweed shoot sauce. No pictures, knotweed is always an ugly color and also I forgot to take them.

There's lots of sauce left, maybe tomorrow I'll cook the rabbit in it. Torn between that and doing something more subtle so I can properly taste any wild bunny flavors.

I'm keeping a spreadsheet of all the stuff I forage this year, and in that spreadsheet there are a couple of columns for equivalent store foods + their prices.

I have no idea what the store-bought equivalent to maple blossoms would be. Any ideas?

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Today in edible - big leaf maple blossoms! Gonna make some pesto out of these tonight.

Also, dandelion with sour sauce recipe per the 1926 Women's Institute Library of Cookery: gutenberg.org/ebooks/9936

The dandelions had buds on them. I parboiled them to hopefully reduce the bitterness, and they were perfect on the sandwich but hoo boy trying to eat the remaining pile of greens by themselves, I am using all of my bitterness training here. I guess the season is really over.

Late dinner after a day in the garden. Dandelions with Ethiopian spiced sour gravy, on a sandwich with some parmesan and braunschweiger. Cleavers lemonade mixed with sparkling water.

I also made a bunch of hummus with MSG and berbere tonight and I just feel so smug right now.

I lost a bet at work so I'm bringing cookies for sprint review. These are brown butter, brown sugar, and black walnut, with a little salt sprinkled on top. And aaaaa they're so good, the brown butter and black walnut are perfect together, I'm going to quit my job and eat them all.

Except I need my job for the dental insurance, I thought I got all the shell fragments out of the walnuts but apparently not.

How do you get the dressing evenly distributed over your salad when you're at a salad bar? Or when you're getting one of those prepackaged salads where they pack the container so full of leaves that there's no room to mix anything?

Trying a 2nd brand of bulk mac'n'cheez powder tonight. Its main ingredients are processed starch, starch, whey, and starch. So it blends well - although disconcertingly thick - but does not taste very cheezy. Do not recommend.


Another run at gomen πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ή. It's too salty but I'm getting closer - I added black cardamom, fenugreek, and coriander this time, and the black cardamom definitely needs to be in the mix. Although as with the salt, it's a little much. I just underestimated the amount of greens I had to work with.

I was gonna just eat this but my companion said I needed to take a picture. Nutella cream pie!

I went to the cafeteria and my body was like, "juice! juice sounds REAL GOOD!"

So I got some juice, but like, that's not something I typically crave? And I ate plenty of vegetables all weekend so what on earth is this desire about?

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