@mcmoots May I inquire as to your gardens contents? That looks like an amazing spread of fruits and veggies


This year's annuals:
Kale (red russian & lacinato)
Lettuce mix
Black nightshade (Solanum nigrum)
Tomatillos (failure!)
1 tomato plant, "Black Vernissage"
Sweet Meat winter squash
I'm still hoping literally my only cucumber will ripen :/
Sweet corn
Scarlet runner beans
Bush beans

Egyptian walking onions
Plum trees (many small ones, in a thicket)
2 apple trees

& various herbs

@mcmoots OMFG

Where do you live?

I’d give a couple fingers for that kind of harvest and access.

@kemonine I'm in Seattle :) It helps that I can do almost year-round gardening here - the radishes in particular are really good as filler crops in early spring, before it's warm enough to plant the tomatoes/squash/corn.

@mcmoots That’s awesome.

I’m in a place with 4 full seasons and this year has had more than a bit of flooding…

The corn crop around these parts is in real danger for a change.

@kemonine Yeah, I went back to the Midwest in June (I grew up there) and the amount of bare earth was *shocking*.

@mcmoots I uh, cough hail from the midwest and live there.

To say rain was an issue is gross understatement.

My home state had only 20% of the corn planted due to flooding when it was ideal planting time.

It’s been terrible.

May I inqure where abouts you were visiting?

@kemonine We bought a house last summer with a 0.2 acre lot, my goal is to eventually have the whole yard produce food except for a token bit of lawn & pre-existing trees. There were some nice raised beds from the previous owner, but I'm on a hill so adding anything new is a challenge.

This year we managed July-Sept with only minimal supplemental produce from the store.

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