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A random thing I've been doing lately to reduce my waste – I keep any and all vegetable scraps in a bag in my freezer. Whenever I've collected enough, I boil them all up into vegetable stock to use in cooking, to give plenty of that sweet, sweet umami flavour.

All kinds of scraps go in the bag. Carrot peel. Onion skin. That one mushroom which always starts to go dry before I can use it. The only rules are to make sure everything's clean, and to avoid using anything which is rotten or mouldy.

food, sustainability 

@InvaderXan is there anything that you do to ensure balanced flavor? i've been interested in trying this but I tend to use a lot of onion for example and don't want bitter stock


food, sustainability 

@scientists @InvaderXan onion is sweet/aromatic in a stock, not bitter, imo. The only thing I leave out is brassicas, which get that overcooked cabbage flavor.

I've never had a batch of broth turn out bad.

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food, sustainability 

@mcmoots @InvaderXan 😳 o I didn't know, thank you! I'll give it a shot then - thank you for the advice/encouragement! 😁

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