We got free leftover Dilly Bars from some event or other at work.

And I admit to being just a tiny bit disappointed that they're chocolate and not dill flavored, even though dill ice cream sounds gross.

@mcmoots dill ice-cream could work, though, maybe. Candied dill stem ice-cream with orange or lemon ripple?

@artsyhonker I mean, the basic problem with those ideas is that I don't like dill very much.

(I would still order them off a menu, because I choose interesting food experiences over delicious ones almost always. But I don't feel like I have good insight into what would or wouldn't work in that context.

... although, hm, maybe a black licorice swirl?)

@mcmoots I think many things that work with dill also work with fennel.

I like dill, fennel, licorice, star anise etc but cannot handle caraway at all, it's like having a mouthful of soap. Coriander leaf (cilantro in the US I think?) is borderline. But I know people who are the opposite, too. Taste buds are strange beasties.

@artsyhonker I apparently have the gene for cilantro tasting soapy, but I love it anyway.

I dislike caraway too, but not because it tastes soapy - it's just, hmm, harsh? Not sure exactly how to describe it. It's similar to what I don't like about dill, but dill is less intense with it.

@mcmoots for me the weird thing is ground coriander seed tastes fine but the leaf is kindof unpleasant to the point that I don't really eat it.

For ages I thought I hated rye but it was actually just the caraway that is so often found in combination with it. It's more than just soapy, there is a strong "this is NOT food" response.

Parma violets and some rose extracts also taste soapy to me, but that is more "actively dislike" than "NOT A FOOD".

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