I'm trying to list out possible recipes for all my hoarded food backlog this month, here are the ingredients I'm having the most trouble with. Help/ideas?

- Birch flowers (in an 8oz frozen block)
- 1/2 bottle of corn syrup
- Nori
- Umesu flavored with yarrow
- Cheez powder that is not flavorful, really more starchy filler than cheese. I have A LOT of this.


Update on these:

I thawed the birch catkins and they were flavorless. Like moistened sawdust pellets. I put them into a stir fry and they were fine, I guess they have some protein.

The corn syrup has been sneaking into puddings & breakfast cookies, I should use the last of it today.

I have used some of the cheez powder in soups but there is still a lot.

I'll make onigiri next week, but I expect to still have nori at the end of it.

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@mcmoots would the cheez powder work in a cheesy baked carbs situation? like instead of cheese and/or instant soup

@verityvirtue It probably would! I just don't have much of a cheezy baked carb routine, it's my partner who makes the pizza dough.

... I should really pass that suggestion along to him though. It won't go on top of pizza very well, but a bit of it in the dough ought to work great.

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