In theory there are two weeks left on my grocery . I'm considering whether to cut it short to stock up for a potential coronavirus isolation period. We still have plenty of calories around, but we don't have as much easy food as I'd want for an illness. Maybe I'll just throw a couple cans of soup onto this week's staples.

Overall I'm super happy with how this has gone, I've cleared out a lot of random shit & there's more room in the pantry now. Think I'm gonna make it an annual tradition.

food budgeting 

We came in ~$200 below our average food bill this month, and $50 last month. And that does seem to be mainly reduced grocery costs & not just that I was better about packing lunch.

As mentioned on main, we blew this money on isolated terpenes & the botanical safety handbook. If March expenses stay below average (unclear what refill shopping's gonna cost) maybe that savings goes to the food bank.

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