2 days to go on my experiment. Working from home means I can bake bread - this is the last of that buy nothing bread flour + the last of the hemp seeds, topped with canned herring in mustard sauce that I bought on a whim, and parsley from the garden.

I've ordered my grocery deliveries for the weekend (produce box + regular) and forcing some creative cooking has been good, but I'm really looking forward to not having to think as much about what I'm gonna eat.

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@mcmoots Sounds like it's been an interesting experiment. But I can imagine it will be nice not to have to spend so much time and energy on thinking about what to eat.

What would you say is the best thing you've discovered about doing ?

@GwenfarsGarden You know I haven't really had any mindblowing TED-talk insight discoveries. I've noticed some small shifts in my attitude while grocery shopping - getting a bit of whiplash trying to shift directly from "empty the pantry" to "stock up on emergency plague rations!!" tbh.

Doing a pantry inventory, and then writing down a bunch of meal ideas for it while I was still excited about the whole idea, was probably the most useful thing I did.

@mcmoots ok, I was just curious. I think we could all do with remembering to look at what we already have and write a list of recipe ideas. This is a useful thing to remember :) canned herring is one of my favorite pantry gotos!

What bread recipe/formula do you use?

Also, how do you have parsley in March?

@aldersprig I live in a mild climate so the parsley just overwintered without needing to do anything special for it. It got kind of wilty for a bit but started putting out new leaves in like February.

I use roughly this sourdough recipe, except that I also add normal yeast to the sponge in the morning b/c my sourdough culture is kind of anemic (it faces a lot of selective pressure for surviving dormancy in the fridge, not so much for fast regrowth).

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