Happy spring! I just weeded a garden bed so it's time for cleavers lemonade.

Pick young cleavers (Galium aparine, aka that sticky shit) and juice them by any available means. I chop them and put them into the blender with enough water to make it go, then strain through cheesecloth. Mix with lemon juice, sugar, and sparkling water to taste.

In addition to the lurid color, this has a kind of mown grass promise of summer flavor to it.

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@mcmoots Ooh.

I also put this in nettle soup sometimes.

Annoyingly my allotment weeds are mostly not edible.

@artsyhonker that is very annoying!

And ooh I can totally see this being good with nettles.

@mcmoots so there is something you can do with clevers other than ruthlessly pull them out!

We also call it goosegrass, a name I rather enjoy :)

@GwenfarsGarden @mcmoots My almost-mother-in-law called it "Sticky Willy" with an entirely straight face.

@GwenfarsGarden @mcmoots (I did not, in the end, marry her offspring. Just as well.)

@artsyhonker @GwenfarsGarden @mcmoots around here the variety is catchweed bedstraw. Bane of my existence as I can’t even safely compost it for fear of spreading seeds.

@edebill @artsyhonker @mcmoots that's a new name to me. I never put it in my compost for same reason, instead put it in the council green bin collection. Their compost bins are much hotter and kill the seeds

@GwenfarsGarden @artsyhonker @mcmoots I didn’t learn that until last year, so I spent a lot of time making the problem worse or at least not helping it. So much to learn!

@edebill @GwenfarsGarden @artsyhonker it's one of the least annoying weeds in my yard so I don't worry too much about composting it. I figure if it outcompetes the crabgrass & bindweed & creeping buttercup, it's doing me a favor.

@mcmoots @GwenfarsGarden @artsyhonker in mine it can get tall and thick enough to be annoying to walk through, and it can outcompete some of the spring flowers as they sprout. I also hate having it stuck to my socks and shoe laces. I’ve always got a most-hated weed I’m working on, and now that the thistles are gone this is mine.

@artsyhonker @mcmoots I've heard Sticky Willy. And someone saying it with a straight face is funny in itself!

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