When you google "instant pot tendon" you get a bunch of people promising you that you can pressure-cook tendons to toothsome softness in an hour. LIES.

After 2.5 hours on high pressure, my tendon is just barely to the point where I can slice it. Giving it another 45 min & we'll see what happens.

My house smells amazing right now, I think I did the pho spices okay this time.

After another 2 hours of pressure cooking, my tendon is so far off of what I was expecting that I'm wondering if I have somehow fatally overcooked it, or made a weird chemistry error, or bought rubber instead of tendon. It's like chewing on an eraser.

I did take it out at several points in the process - 1.5 hrs, 2.5 hrs, 3.25 hrs, 5 hrs - and at no point did it ever have a nice toothsome tendon texture. At 1.5hrs I couldn't even slice it. WTF???

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My best theory is that the internet people were right and 45 minutes was enough, and I fatally overcooked it before the first taste. But like. That is some *intense* toughness to develop in 45 minutes in something that usually takes 7 hours of braise.

Meat is such a pain in the ass, ugh, I should give up and go back to tofu.

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