Who here has experience using sketchy shop tools to cut frozen fish or meat? Will we be sad if we try to do it with a hand saw rather than buying an electric knife?

There's a boat in town selling sushi-grade whole tuna to the public for stupid cheap (poor boat went out just before the plague and caught a bunch of stuff intended for restaurants), and I want to split one with my neighbors. Trying to figure out how to cut it up without having to thaw it.


Wholesale fish update: There was a 4 hour long line at the boat so I bailed.

A different boat was selling salmon, with a much shorter line on account of how they had normal retail prices. I bought some smoked salmon candy just so I didn't have to leave empty handed.

@mcmoots Holy shit, how much fish is left? The glimpse of the article I saw before the adblockerblocker intervened said some huge poundage but I assumed they'd have gotten through most of it by now

@pagrus dunno! Sounds like they've been selling it literally nonstop from 10-6 every day for the past week though.

@mcmoots WHEW. wow. Well, I'm glad they're gonna be able to sell that fish.

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