the recommended altitude adjustments for a pie are basically to add more water to the crust, and use softer/wetter fillings that don't need as much time to cook. and good luck keeping the gluten from toughening and the crust from getting soggy.

this is frozen peaches and huckleberries. we'll see how I did at the texture in a few hours.

@erinbee ehhh it's still not that great here, although better than this obvs.

Thunderstorms, fireflies, and sweet corn are literally the only things I miss about Iowa.

I don't know why I thought corn from California would possibly be worth eating. Even when you're getting it fresh in California the corn is not good there.

This is like eating corn-flavored La Croix.

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My consolation prize for not getting a whole tuna was a trip to the park with the black locust trees. Eating this salad is the official start of summer in my personal liturgical calendar.

Dressing is viili, sour cream, mint, garlic, and lemon juice.

@pagrus dunno! Sounds like they've been selling it literally nonstop from 10-6 every day for the past week though.

Wholesale fish update: There was a 4 hour long line at the boat so I bailed.

A different boat was selling salmon, with a much shorter line on account of how they had normal retail prices. I bought some smoked salmon candy just so I didn't have to leave empty handed.

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@pagrus My experiment with smoking some mushrooms on my little weber grill did not go well at all, I'm hesitant to try on more expensive ingredients until I've got a technique at least sort of figured out.

@pagrus It should only show up for people who follow my food alt right? Which has a big "no meat CWs" warning on it.

@pagrus Probably, but I feel like that kind of wrecks the adventure? This isn't just cheap fish, it's also an afternoon of quarantine entertainment.

@pagrus I don't really eat enough meat to have special customer status anywhere sadly.

Partner is now telling me our bandsaw is a shitty one with no torque, so we might be hacksawing it after all.

@pagrus We do actually have a bandsaw, it's probably not toooooo contaminated with nasty metalwork stuff...

@nein09 I might have to get up earlier than I usually do, I expect since they got such a nice writeup that there's gonna be a line.

@pagrus What is the bloodline - is that the spine or the scales side of the cross-section?

@pagrus I mean, *I* immediately thought of albacore toro. But if I end up with just a chirashi bowl full of weird little shreddy bits I won't complain.

@pagrus So like, laterally in half and then just randomly somewhere around its waist?

There are 3 couples going in on this so will probably do 6ths at least, but if we can cut into smaller portions it'd be a kindness to all our future selves. Goal is definitely to cut fast enough that it doesn't thaw too much but we'll see how that works in practice.

@pagrus So how do you tell if it's no good, without, like, smelling it?

@pagrus Jerks. Somehow it still works with my ublock setup, I might be missing some things from my filter list.

The story is mostly just the tale of woe of the poor boat that went through storms and then didn't have any customers when they got back, there is one picture of the frozen whole fish and a quote from an excited customer who bought a 16-lb-er.

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