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This kit doesn't have any rennet, it's just for ricotta. I paid $0 for it but that still feels like a ripoff.

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I've got a quart of milk that's starting to taste off, and no yogurt starter, help what do I make?

food prep for this week:

- barley bread
- nettle toum
- hummus
- chop veg into sticks
- overnight oats w/ dried jujubes
- hard-boiled eggs
- lilac jello w/ frozen blueberries

Pasta w/ kale, mushrooms & beans for dinner tonight maybe. If we can keep ourselves from devouring the bread + toum.

Went out to dinner and they kept giving us free drinks to apologize for service delays we didn't notice.

As the non-driver I am now slightly trashed.

Also: whipped garlic

Dried jujubes are just worse raisins with pits, change my mind.

if its cold, consider: cafe de olla

all you need is water, cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, coffee, and piloncillo/ jaggery. brown sugar works too but it doesnt taste as good.

boil your water on the stove. lower the heat to low and add your cinnamon and cloves, let it steep for like 20 minutes. add your sugar. dissolve well. add your coffee. let it steep 10 minutes. strain it. drink it hot. go ZOOM. stay warm.

I had no idea how much of a difference ghee made for making curries until tonight.

It is like night and day, I finally feel like I've made an actual curry.

My lunch looks super pretty today but I'm gonna have to leave work early b/c not enough calories.

this week food plans 

I'm a bachelor for the week, my partner is taking off to be with his dad in the hospital.

I think that means I make squash soup and eat it all week. With daylily bulbs, cheez powder, and moth beans (). Sardine salad for lunches? I didn't end up making that last week.

More breakfast cookies, no caffeine this time.

I want a dessert, if I'm not too tired after the rest of it. Preserved lemon bars sound amazing, with a less fussy crust tho.

I definitely grocery shop for all the same consumerist dopamine reasons people shop for anything else. It's fun & exciting to find an interesting new thing or a "bargain", and there's something soothing about surrounding myself with overabundance.

The whole time I was in the store I was low-key cranky about not getting to properly indulge.

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Today's grocery trip: I went to Grocery Outlet, which is usually a dangerous source of nonsense foods ("it's cheap!") but was also conveniently near where I was today, while hungry. Bought soda, milk, bread, eggs... and then told myself that mayonnaise is a pantry staple, I just won't open these walnuts until I've eaten the last of the pumpkin seeds, and half a bottle of honey + only one evaporated milk counts as "out".

So, failure, but it could've been a lot worse.

Late reminder that I am teaching a free foraging workshop tomorrow! I'll show you 7-8 edible invasive plants that are easy for beginners to identify, and a couple of poisonous plants to avoid.

It's part of a full day of free skillsharing sessions at the Meadowbrook Community Center. Full schedule here:


I ran some numbers in my head trying to figure out if I'd be able to make the minimum for grocery delivery with my rules, because I'm almost out of cat litter.

Then realized: What "almost out" means to me is that I just opened my last box and poured some of it out. There is still a good two weeks' worth of cat litter in that box.

Also my brain really wants to justify getting more sodas.

Base recipe here for future reference:

I added 3 scoops of whey powder (=60g protein) + 1/4 cup matcha and found I needed to almost double the amount of almond milk to make the dough wet. Texture seems fine.

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I am excited about this breakfast cookie concept. They don't have more sugar than I'd typically put in oatmeal, and will hopefully be a better disguise for gritty whey powder.

I calculated the caffeine contribution from the matcha so that I should be able to have exactly one without overdosing, we'll see how that goes.

I cracked the hazelnuts I tried to harvest last fall and every last fucking one of them was empty! WTF. I thought I was being clever picking them green enough that the squirrels wouldn't have run off with all the actual nutted ones.

Why do these trees waste so much energy growing empty shells?

... I think, given that I am not literally starving, I am not going to try to eat things I can't cut through with a reasonably sharp chef's knife. Interesting flavor when I gnawed on it but *so* tough.

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Surprised and annoyed how many culinary advice guides seem to think fennel bulbs are roots. Trivially they are not.

Meanwhile I just pulled a giant-ass actual fennel taproot out of my garden and I'm wondering what to do with it.

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