Also baking a plum cake for tonight and it smells so good I can't stand it.

The GUADEC CfP deadline is March 30! We're looking for talks on all things related to , , , , and @gnome!

We're calling for the Free Software Foundation Board of Directors to step down:

I had to feed my starter and wanted to make pizza dough, so I put the discard into the dough. It is very sour.

I was recently asked for a web page with a definition of proprietary software. I couldn't find one I liked, so I wrote this first draft:

Almond raspberry pear pie in the oven.

First pancakes of 2021. Here's to many more pancakes.

Not everything I make works out. Chocolate chip shortbread. Questionable.

Thanksgiving successes: vanilla creme patisserie, pumpkin cheesecake custard, and cream puffs

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