I keep trying to make cookies for my colleagues and then messing them up in some way.

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death, crowd dynamics, fluid dynamics, social dynamics 

Interesting read about "crush points" in crowds. And the physical phenomena has quasi-equivalences in terms of social phenomena also. In both systems, the dangerous behavior is emergent. Thinking of how to prevent involves architecting for *different* emergent behavior.

CW: Images of death (non-gory).


But I have more thoughts...

I know basically nothing about tea sandwiches, but tomorrow I'll be making some LIVE at @SeaGL. If you want to join mere, here's an ingredient list and some directions: deblanc.net/blog/2021/11/05/te

Moved the cat tree next to my desk. I cannot get over how happy it makes me.

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The Maintainers are looking for fellows! This opportunity will award 4 fellows to work on the intersection of maintenance, care, and the environment. More info on how to apply here: bit.ly/movement-fellow22 

I’m also part of the advisory committee. The award is $10,000 for the year, and it will allow you to pursue work related to maintenance, care, and environment along with other fellows

I'll be honest, I wanted cinnamon babka, but the people who are going to eat most of it wanted chocolate.

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I'd appreciate some time chatting with someone who thinks that licenses inspired by open source licenses, but with restrictions on use (e.g do no evil licenses) are the best and most effective way to handle people doing evil things with software.

What's great about my father also being into baking is that I can send him videos of my dough and he can tell me how to fix it.

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Come work with me, @sagesharp, @anna, Marina and Tony! It's a wonderful team to be a part of, with a great mission!


I was making a cake and then forgot to turn off the oven when I turned off the timer because I was in a meeting.

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This bloody thing is going to get me to distro hop, I need a newer kernel than Linux Mint supports and I guess while I'm at it I may as well try something that's not MATE-based (RIP screensharing)

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As our tech team keeps growing, we're now #hiring an engineering manager to help our devs & ops people achieve the ambitious software archival goals of #SoftwareHeritage.

If you're interested, or know someone who is, check out application details in this blog post: softwareheritage.org/2021/08/2

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📢 Amazing Job Alert 📢

Hey y'all, we're hiring a Lead Engineer at Terraso (Terraso.org)!

We're looking for someone to help assemble a suite of #opensource tools to help farmers, conservationists, land restorers, and generally all the superheroes who are going to save the world.

Not a lot of people have applied for the senior position. Boosts very much appreciated!


#job #jobs #ict4good #conservation #agriculture #trees #nature #environment #climatecrisis

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People talk about "releasing" software, stop doing that!

Software raised in captivity cannot survive in the wild! Feral software is also a big threat to digital biodiversity. Do not release software.

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I'm hiring a #community strategist for our new GovStack initiative that helps builds standards and reference models for #OpenSource software platforms and stacks that will speed governments' digital transformation efforts.

If you've got experience leading software dev communities, and you're ready to help make the world a better place, this just may be the perfect #job for you.

Fully remote with focus hours in Europe/Africa time zones. Details:


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