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Hi! Finally decided to sign up over here. My very first alt account after like a year and a half or so on Masto? Yeah I dunno. Anyhow hi! I look forward to enthusing about growing and making food with you all!

Now I need to make the momentous decision of whether to put together a dedicated bucket to try for a zucchini plant. 🤔

The idea is now a thing! Future cherry tomatoes in the basement thanks to an old ice cream bucket, a little air pump I wasn't using, and some aquatic plant baskets left over from setting up my aquarium. Yup, crap I had lying around is now a super cool homemade hydroponic tank. 👍

Many inches of snow left to melt, with more in the forecast.

I'm thinking that in the absence of a real greenhouse, I may need to delve into the exciting world of basement hydroponics if I want a reliable source of vegetables this year.

A veggie borscht is slow cooking in the Instant Pot for tonight. I find the appliance's weakness is in its slow cooking capabilities - it is either way too low or far too high - but I am not dragging out my giant slow cooker today, so hooray for the multipurpose electric cooking pot.

I read an article about someone in Florida who grew & foraged his own food for a year.

Me, in Zone 3a: Hahaha maybe if I put out snares for the scores of local rabbit-hare hybrids there's a chance I'd survive the winter

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I'm spending this week attacking my tendency to holiday-stress. My second batch of cookie dough is ready for the freezer. I'll do a third, and then probably some fudge and maybe some tarts - then it's all thaw and/or bake, and to heck with past expectations I put on myself to recreate the bonkers amount of work my mom would put into this stuff every year.

This afternoon, I find myself making perogies from scratch. Should be an adventure; I've never done this before.

The reason for this sudden flurry of activity is that I bought 20lb of potatoes for the price of 10lb today, but 10lb is usually quite enough to use before they start to grow tentacles.

Does anyone know other ways I can prep potatoes for easy freezer side dishes?

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Coming soon...

Free, online course from Duolingo,
for Scottish Gaelic.

#Gaelic #Gàidhlig #Duolingo

Let us, for a moment, appreciate the irony that is the Best Before date printed on the vinegar bottle.

I like to make certain foods at certain times of year, and I'm happy to report that we're coming up on tourtière season.

I've made it with and without meat, but I prefer to go with a veggie option whenever I can, plus it costs sooo much less. You could probably split the difference and go half-and-half if you have an intractable meat eater to feed, but you'd really be surprised at how close the veggie version is.

This isn't my recipe, but mine is very similar.

Like a boss!

I feel so organized this afternoon! I've already got the chicken in the oven, despite usually avoiding dinner prep before 4:30. It's America's Test Kitchen's recipe for French chicken in a pot, which takes a couple hours but is AMAZING. Going to accompany it with a marinated salad, some lovely red potatoes, and some purple garden beans.

Mixed up a test batch of peanut butter frosting and decided to go with it for the birthday cake, but with a ganache glaze over top. I'm a little hesitant, since I've never done that before, but with the Internet to help me figure it out, I should be able to manage, and if I don't, it might be ugly but it'll still be tasty.

It's the partner in crime's birthday soon and I'm thinking of making him a chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting, because he's a big Reese's cup fan. But he's also a creature of habit, and it might be disappointing to him not to have the usual thick chocolate frosting on his cake.

Decisions, decisions.

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Sliced & peeled another dehydrator full of apple rings this afternoon. I love the big cheap bins full of "orchard" apples the local supermarket brings in every fall. (Though where else apples would come from but an orchard, I can't imagine.)

Recipe blogs so often read like junior high essays, awkwardly repeating themselves over and over until achieving some kind of predetermined word count.

Thinking of getting some pizza dough mixed up this afternoon, to make little lunch box sized cheese pizzas for my son. I don't claim to be an expert, but I've found kids eat pizza. 😜 I'd rather put in the effort of making a couple days' worth of those to have in the fridge than prod another maybe-sneezed-on sandwich into the compost at 4:30pm.

Made oatmeal banana breakfast cookies for this first week back to school, and some for the freezer too. My son is not naturally motivated to hurry in the mornings, and these should help us get out the door on time.🤞

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