Toasted up some croutons this afternoon and mixed up a Caesar salad dressing. Going to start the pasta sauce soon. It's spaghetti night! But of course I make it way harder than it needs to be... 🤔 TBH I've never tasted a jarred spaghetti sauce I really enjoyed, so this way I get to make it the way I like.
Also with all the garlic, there will be no vampires coming for this family.


i add fried smoked tofu (bacon replacement) and flavour the tomatosauce with chilli powder (pili pili) and call it arrabiata

@WandelStock Ooh that sounds good. I will have to try a mild version of that. My spouse and kid are rather spice-aversive (though I've been secretly toughening them both up with pinches of it here and there).


little tip if you like spicy but the rest dont: i use dried grounded pili pili (piri piri) and it makes food spicy without changing the flavour. A sort of instant fire that you can add to everything. And really everything, even if you want to spice up chocolate milk.

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