Does anyone have any resources they can point me to on how to fix the analogue knobs & timers on a toaster oven? My beloved appliance of 12 years has gone haywire, but under strange circumstances still heats, and I'd really hate to throw it out.

@mel I wonder if @ifixcoinops might have ideas? Um. A toaster oven and a game are different but they both have knobs, right?

My instinct would be to clean the contacts, but I dunno how to do that.


Hmm, I will have to check it out. I never thought of contacts, that may solve one problem. Not sure how or where either, but it's a lead! I guess it's toaster oven surgery day today! Thanks!

@mel @artsyhonker Rip that puppy open and look for burned-up or sooty contacts, loose wires, easily-spotted stuff like that first

@ifixcoinops @artsyhonker Thanks! In the process of tearing it apart right now. Nothing burned or loose, but currently tinkering with the clockwork timer, which I accidentally sprung (!!!!) while removing. It's frustrating, but also very empowering to know that the worst I can do it render it useless, which it kind of was anyway.

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