It's the partner in crime's birthday soon and I'm thinking of making him a chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting, because he's a big Reese's cup fan. But he's also a creature of habit, and it might be disappointing to him not to have the usual thick chocolate frosting on his cake.

Decisions, decisions.

@mel Can you frost half of it one way and half the other?

Peanut butter frosting sounds yummy.

@artsyhonker I honestly do not have the patience to try to do half and half, and make it look nice :D However you gave me an idea: perhaps cupcakes.

@artsyhonker I once made these peanut butter balls with butter, icing sugar & peanut butter all melted & mixed together, and they were heavenly. It's really just different proportions for frosting, so I feel like I can't go wrong! (famous last words)

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