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Forgot to post pictures of the 160+ oz of hot sauce I made from ~80 jalapeños and three red poblanos from the garden.

I'm eating a $6 bratwurst from WA, which makes me miss the infinitely better $3 bratwurst from WI.


I decided to treat myself to an all-day breakfast from our local café. It was, uh, a lot more food than I was expecting it to be.

Last fruits and vegetables collected from our garden!
Some sweet potatoes -right now we're keeping them in a warm and moisty place, hope we're doing it correctly-, 3 plants born from a single sweet potato, a pumpkin! which is born from some seeds taken from a supermarket one so huge success, two totally out of season micro melons and some oh so juicy carrots.
Their colours are so autumnal :blobcatmeltlove:

@shoofle I have this nice one from a Chinese cookbook that's a fridge pickle. Smack small red radishes with something hard so they smash but mostly stay in big pieces, then put them in a jar with smashed garlic, soy sauce, sesame oil, and balsamic (or black) vinegar. They don't need to be totally submerged, just coated, and they get better the longer they sit. I've also used this flavor blend with cubed daikon.

Cabbage soup. Leftover pork drippings, frozen duck broth, coriander seeds, rosemary, some lamb fat someone gave me

Boiling down saved okra ends to make thickener for my chili

Ok, MAYBE I've bought/found/swapped too many plants this spring-summer. Where TF am I putting all of them for winter?
Inside is already full and for some of them it will be way too cold in a month or so.
OK, it's going to be a tough week.



1) oishii (red bag)
2) nongshim (red bag)
3) (distant 3rd) nongshim (white bag)

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First up: plum butter. Dehydrated apples. Sloe and juniper venison jerky.

Danger, danger!
High voltage! (Did you read it singing too?)

Carolina reaper and Moruga scorpion ready to be dehydrated. The air in the kitchen was HOT.


Tried Cambodian style beef jerky today... 😍😍😍

made strong rosemary tea with salt and honey, to go in the fridge by the sweet cinnamon tea.

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I made pork stew in the slow cooker last night

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