for the week: palak anda, makhani dal, taco-seasoned pinto beans, salads, and lemon-herb-aioli for morning bread.

Made this weekend:

12 cups of smoothie
12 cups of cauliflower soup
5 cups of stir fry

tonight’s offering: watermelon feta salad with basil and mint, plus choc chip cookie bars that smell lovely but weren’t worth photographing. Craving tea at the moment so that’s probably next up.

I have a bunch of lentils so I'll make something with lentils this week. Idk if I'll make dal because I don't have a food processor or blender

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I'm thinking something between a sheet pan of roasted vegetables and shakshuka for breakfast, but I know that my work-stomach will Not be pleased with it

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I went downstairs to make tea and ended up making Ginger Peach Muffins. Yay??!!

Stinging nettle eggs Florentine for lunch! Can't believe how red the yolk is on that poached egg 🤔

Finally made a bit of couscous. Every mouthful is a little different. Very nice result.

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Today I made this bike rack, this cous cous salmon arugula salad, and celebrated 33 years without a drink or drug.

I made muffins for the first time! Vegan banana muffins. They turned out AMAZING, soft and moist with golden crispy outsides.

review: breakfast burritos weren't tasty but noodle salad was a hit. dinner delicious and often looked forward to

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menu: breakfast burritos a la freezer, tuna noodle salad, and curried chicken soup

This Laotian sausage is so good it could ruin my life and I'd thank it

black beans and onions with plenty of garlic and spices. oh, and nutritional yeast

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