i made quarantine ramen 😌✨ now where's that attention i ordered

made pineapple bolognese which, as with many things, was basically the result of me doing something normal and then suddenly deciding to put a bunch of pineapple in it for no reason

"so, my recipe is, basically, fresh fettucine in a tomato soup base."

"nate ... that's wet spaghetti"

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! y'all!!!! exciting old cookbook news!!!!!!!

the university of san antonio has digitized their collection of early mexican and mexican-american cookbooks and put them up for people to freely access!!! going back to handwritten recipe books from 1789!!!!!

smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/ is an article about it, digital.utsa.edu/digital/colle is a direct link to the oldest manuscript, same as pictured below!

via sallysbakingaddiction.com/dani

this is probably my very favorite dough recipe of any kind to make; it's pretty forgiving as far as doughs go, i guess, plus it comes out absolutely gorgeously with an egg wash on there.

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raspberry + cream cheese danish i made for my culinary class a few weeks back -- the doesn't do it justice, though, i swear

there's a cat loose in the kitchen!

what's up i'm em, aka @moss, and here's my post :3
i've been really into baking 'n stuff for ages (i even at one point considered studying culinary arts, but well, y'know how that goes) and thought it was high time to find a place to put all that kind of content + ideas i've had floating around out into the world ... or something ...
so! here's this; i'll post food pics when i have any, recipes i find or make, probably also shitposts & more!

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